Quilted Hot Water Bottle Cover

quilted hot water bottle coverIf you’ve been following me for longer than a month you probably know that my absolute favourite sewing book is ‘Sew!’ by Cath Kidston. Every time I’m looking for a new project for myself or a gift for a friend, I spend hours poring over all my craft books and magazines, yet I always end up back with Cath. If you don’t own it yet – go buy it from Amazon right now! The projects are so lovely, great for helping you learn to sew (and improve your skills) and are things that you’d actually want to use once you’ve made them – quilted hot water bottle cath kidstonunlike a lot of the other books I own!

Anyway – enough promotion on behalf of Ms Kidston (especially since this is a free opinion and I am not being paid in any form!). Recently it was one of my closest friend’s birthday and I was in need of something unique to make. I’d already chosen this amazing, kawaii-cat-print linen fabric from My Fabric House and only needed to choose the perfect project to match it up with. In this case – a lovely quilted hot water bottle cover!

quilted hot water bottle 2The cover is made from a main piece of fabric (the cat print), a layer of thin wadding and a lining fabric (I used a bright pink cotton). These layers are all sandwiched together and quilted using the sewing machine – or by hand if you’re a proper quilter/have the time! I made my own length of bias binding for the opening (instructions for making bias binding are included in the book or can be found online here) , made a little rouleau loop in the same fabric and then stitched on a big, pink button with which to close it.

What do you think of my finished cat print hot water bottle cover? I’m a bit jealous that I’ve had to give it away at all – it looks so lovely on the bed next to my teddy bear!

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