Blogger Network #7 – Baroque Linen Megan Dress

Tilly and the Buttons Megan dressAnother dress and another Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern – I need to shake things up a bit more I think! Anyhow, welcome to my September (September! Where did that time go?) Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post. This time I made the Megan dress from Love at First Stitch and, to be honest, it’s pretty great.

The pattern in the book is nice and easy to follow and features lots of tips and tricks explaining how to do all the stages if you’re a beginner or need a reminder. Whilst these tips and tricks can get a bit in the way if you don’t want the help, that’s pretty much the only negative point I have to say about it!

The fabric I used is a ‘baroque print’ linen from Minerva Crafts and I really love it. I saw the fabric on the Minerva Crafts website and absolutely had to have it – I chose the blue colourway but it also comes in red or black. My only negative point here is that linen can be a bit scratchy on your skin so, if you have the skills, I suggest making a lining for this dress out of something softer (you’ll have to self-draft this as the pattern doesn’t explain how to make a lining – I currently don’t have this ability so my dress remains unlined!)

The one deviation I did make from the pattern instructions, however, was to do the entire dress using French seams. Since learning how to do them on my Mathilde blouse I’ve gone a bit French seam crazy – I even did them on the inside of my Margot pyjamas the other week! Linen does fray quite a bit so having encased seams makes the dress much neater on the inside. If you’ve never learnt to do French seams I definitely recommend it – you’ll be just as addicted as I am. Try this handy guide from the Coletterie to get yourself started.

Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress in baroque linen

Since making the dress I’ve put it through the wash to soften it up a bit and, looking at the photos, I think I need to take the hem up a couple more inches to remove the ‘Little House of the Prairie’ look I’ve got going on! Does anyone know how I can stop the neckline at the shoulders being so stand-off-ish too? I don’t know whether it’s just because linen is a bit stiff, or because I’ve not cut it round enough, or not done my top stitching close enough to the edge…. any help would be appreciated! It doesn’t look so bad in the pics but up close there’s a good centimetre gap between my shoulder and the dress. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Blogger Network #7 – Baroque Linen Megan Dress

  1. French seams on the linen will help reduce fray, and the smooth edges will stop additional scratchiness. You’ll have to make a fancy slip to wear under it!
    As for linings, I have been known to simply repeat the pattern in the lining fabric and sew it on the inside like a facing. Sometimes I would skip the sleeves in the lining and hand sew around the lining’s arm holes to finish.


    • I have to say it’s got a lot softer since I’ve washed it – perhaps a few more times will make it more worn in! Making a slip is something I’ve always considered too but I’ve not yet found a suitable pattern. I might make that my aim for today. Thanks for the tips for the lining though! 🙂


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