Simplicity 1663 Layered Chiffon Maxi Skirt

simplicity 1663 maxi skirt‘Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’14, if I could offer you only one tip for the future, avoiding chiffon would be it’  – Baz Luhrmann.

Alright, so that’s not quite the actual lyric, but it really should be! Chiffon is not your friend. Or at least it’s not mine! This sewing pattern, provided to me by Simplicity, looks absolutely ideal from the envelope – I chose it because I love double-layered, floaty maxi skirts that I can wear in summer without having to get my milk-bottle legs out and I also spotted this lovely printed chiffon at Minvera Crafts that looked perfect for the job. Or so I thought!

The Simplicity 1663 pattern comes with a few different options for mini skirts, trousers and this maxi skirt (view C) that I chose to make. The mini skirt underneath is made of a navy blue linen and then I used the patterned chiffon for the maxi skirt overlay, which is made up of 4 long panels of material. There are literally 2 pattern pieces for this skirt, so the cutting out and sewing together parts are super easy – it’s just the floaty fabric choice that isn’t!

simplicity 1663 long maxi skirt

A few tips for working with chiffon:

  • Avoid it in the first place if it all possible!
  • Use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut around your pattern template – this stops the fabric from sliding about or stretching as it would if you tried to cut it with scissors (trust me on this one!).
  • Move slowly. No moving quickly around your cutting table as this generates gusts of air which will blow your lovingly pinned chiffon out of position and onto the floor (trust me on this one too).
  • Go very slowly when sewing. As in, stitch-by-stitch slowly.
  • Pins are definitely your friend, and lots of them!
  • Set your sewing machine dial to the ‘very thin fabric’ setting so your stitch tension is right for the super thin chiffon.

simplicity new look 1663 skirt

(Here’s a picture of the linen mini skirt underneath!)

Anyhow, despite the battles with my fabric choice, I actually love how this skirt has turned out. As you probably know by now, I’m always one for testing out new skills and I’m not afraid to give anything a try! If it goes wrong then it just won’t end up on here, haha.

This really is a great pattern and it’s absolutely perfect for the summer months. The waist is elasticated too so it doesn’t matter if you eat a bit too much ice cream whilst on holiday! Have you ever worked with chiffon before? How did you find it?


15 thoughts on “Simplicity 1663 Layered Chiffon Maxi Skirt

  1. I have a ton of chiffon and similar fabrics that I’ve acquired over the years…I’ve never attempted to sew it EVER. It’s too scary lol. Great job on the skirt, it’s purty 🙂


  2. Great skirt!
    I have a chiffon evening dress that needs rehemming. It has been sitting there and sitting there, and I keep procrastinating as I don’t like sewing chiffon. I know how to do the hem just like Colette Dinnegan does on her gowns; I am just dreading it.


  3. Nope, never tried either! And don’t intend for the foreseeable future. End result looks great on you, and room for a holiday pudding stomach? What could be more perfect? Worth persevering, well done!


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