My Big Non-Sewing Related News!

parisWell I guess it’s kind of sewing related – perhaps if I set out to make my own dress….? Anyway, onto the news:

*Fanfare* – I’m getting married!

After a whirlwind proposal last weekend, I’m very happy to say that my boyfriend (remember him and his striped scarf?) and I have wedding plans to make!

We’ve not chosen any dates/venues/people/themes as of yet, but I can guarantee that my crafting skills will be coming in useful somewhere down the line. And never fear – all of my handmade wedding ideas will be uploaded right here, shared with you all!


39 thoughts on “My Big Non-Sewing Related News!

    • Thanks Emmely! I’m currently planning to make my invites/table decor…. not sure about the dress, I don’t think my dressmaking skills are quite up to scratch! It’d be a lovely thing to do though – and a great excuse for buying lots of patterns to practice with in the meantime!


      • The thing that would scare me about making my own wedding dress is that there is such a defnite deadline and that it might be really stressful when you still need to finish your dress when there are probably so many other things that also still need to be done.


      • yes indeed! can you imagine it being the night before and you’re still sewing on sparkles?! I’m sure this has happened to someone somewhere, haha


      • I am positive that must have happened! Or, even worse, when you’re so tired you’re fighting to keep your eyes open you want to cut off the last stray thread and cut right into the skirt fabric leaving a horrible rip in it. I always make really stupid mistakes when I am sewing when I’m tired. I’ve learned to avoid it, I usually messed up more than I made progress.


      • Oh, I never intended to convince you to try it. I think you should only do something like this when you’re absolutely sure that you want to do it and that you can do it and be able to finish it well in advance so that it doesn’t end up to be a stressful element to the wedding. A wedding should be fun and if you end up getting really frustrated at having to finish a difficult project in time I think the experience will be less enjoyable. Much more fun to make small things. If you for example make the corsages yourself that will already add your touch to the wedding while being a much more doable project.


  1. Congratulations!
    Tip: if you make your own dress don’t be still sewing up the hem on ones train the night before the wedding…… doesn’t make for a relaxing experience!! πŸ˜‰


      • It had seemed like a such a good idea at the time! I was short on money and couldn’t find a readymade one that I liked…..anyway it did get finished and although it wasn’t perfect, it was MY dress and I loved it!


      • I think it’s a great idea if you have the time and patience! I know vaguely what I want my dress to look like and, at a glance, haven’t spotted anything similar to buy just yet… watch this space!


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