New Roald Dahl Print Fabrics!

How great are these new Roald Dahl print fabrics featuring illustrations by Quentin Blake?! I absolutely love the Fantastic Mr Fox and James and the Giant Peach designs and can easily see them adorning my entire house… who says you need to have children to enjoy them! You can buy the Roald Dahl fabrics in various places, including online here, but for now here’s my pick of the best:

 roald dahl fabric giant peaches  roald dahl fabric squibbling  roald dahl fabric fantastic mr fox
 roald dahl fabric matilda  roald dahl fabric bunk doodling books  roald dahl fabric phizz whizzing feathers
 roald dahl fabric fantabulous flowers  roald dahl fabric golden ticket  roald dahl fabric the bfg

8 thoughts on “New Roald Dahl Print Fabrics!

  1. Oh wow. I just loved Dahl’s books when I was young, and I think a huge part of it was Blake’s illustrations. And now we can decorate with them, yippee! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


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