Pretty Pattern Weights Tutorial

pattern weights tutorialI spotted the inspiration for these cute dressmaking pattern weights over at A Spoonful of Sugar and couldn’t wait to give them a try myself! Having recently entered into the world of dressmaking (as opposed to all the homewares I normally stick to), having these little weights to hand is going to prove invaluable when cutting out fabric from those wispy pieces of tissue paper you get with sewing patterns.

To make your own pattern weights you’ll need: 10 x 2cm metal washers (I got mine on eBay for 99p), some scrap fabric, a needle and thread and 5 decorative buttons.

I thought it’d be easier to present the pattern weight tutorial to you as photographs, so here’s how to make them:

pattern weight tutorialWhilst you’re reading this, have you entered my Simplicity Sewing Pattern Giveaway yet? Click here for the link to the Rafflecopter entry form! (use your computer for this rather than your phone).


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9 thoughts on “Pretty Pattern Weights Tutorial

    • Ooh pennies! Well I wish I’d thought of that! They would’ve been even cheaper than the 99p I spent here haha. Maybe when I need a few more I’ll give it a go :)

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  2. Flimsy pattern sheets are a nightmare and dont last long. If you think you will make the pattern again always trace it onto paper in your size, and save your tissue pattern as the master. carefully refolding. I trace all of my patterns and if I gain or lose weight I can make in a different size.

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