My Colette Sorbetto (free pattern!)

colette sorbettoEveryone loves a free sewing project – and this one is no different! I’ve had this project ongoing for a couple of weeks but this weekend I’ve finally got around to completing it. What do you think?

The pattern is the free Colette Sorbetto top pattern – which you can find by clicking here – and is one that I know many, many bloggers have turned their hand (and needle) to in various colours and styles. Colette make some really lovely sewing patterns, of which I’d like to own them all, but unfortunately my sewing budget (and talent) doesn’t stretch that far just yet. Maybe one day!

The pattern is really quite simple to follow – again, it’s one of those print-cut-and-stick jobs, but this time there were far less pieces than my Simplicity pyjama bottoms. The fabric I used was a lightweight, cream cotton with an embroidered flower detail running down it. It’s quite a thin fabric so I’ll have to pop a vest on underneath when I come to wear it, but it’s a lovely material for summer.

colette sorbetto bias bindingThe bias binding I used is a contrasting floral print with a crocheted lace edging. I thought a bit of contrast would liven my Sorbetto up and allow me to match it better with other things I own. The floral binding was from the lovely eBay seller here, and comes in lots of different colours (mine is the lilac and plum!) I’ve never used bias binding to this extent before and found it much more simple than I anticipated. I even got carried away and put it around the bottom hem as well as the neckline!

Have you tried this pattern yourself? If you’ve got a link to your own Colette Sorbetto I’d love to see it!


13 thoughts on “My Colette Sorbetto (free pattern!)

  1. You’ve made a great top! Nice detail that you also added the bias tape to the hem. I’ve made two Sorbetto’s so far, I love the simplicity of the pattern, for my second one I removed the pleat to make it look different from my first one. I’ve blogged about the first one I made here:


    • Thank you! Considering it’s the first one I’ve ever made I’m quite impressed with myself haha. Now I’ve mastered the basics I can make a few more in different designs – your navy Sorbetto is a lovely colour, I may copy you!


    • thank you! I love how the pleat incorporates the flower detail of the fabric too – I couldn’t have planned that any better if I’d tried haha. And it fits! That’s the main thing when dressmaking, right? (and quite an achievement if I’m allowed to say so!)


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