Blogger Network #19 – Beaded Christmas Bells

beaded bellContinuing on with the recent Christmas-themed blog posts, today I’ve got a fun little Christmas decoration project to show you! I’ve been away from my monthly Minerva Blogger Network posts for a little while because of moving house/life/etc but I’m back in time for the festive season with this beaded bell kit!

The kit can be found on the Minerva Crafts website here – it’s a Design Works kit and comes with all the thread and beads (a mixture of gold and pearl) that you’ll need to make five sparkly decorations. I actually had quite a few bits leftover too so you could probably make six!

beaded bells

beaded bell decorationI think each bell took me about an hour to make but they’re a great DIY project for when you’re sat on the sofa catching up on boxsets or watching the Christmas 24 channel (ahem, not that I’ve been doing that). All you need to do is cut a long piece of cotton and then follow the instructions to thread on the beads in the right order. It’s very satisfying seeing the bell emerge- the instructions require lots threading back and forth but, once you’re done, a fully formed bell magically appears! All from one piece of thread and a christmas beaded bell decorationseries of gold beads and pearls. You only have to thread the needle once the whole time, too!

The finished decorations are about 4cm tall and will look lovely hanging from my tree or mantlepiece. I love how the gold shimmers when they’re hung next to fairy lights too. They’re pretty timeless and I’m sure I’ll be bringing them out of the Christmas decorations box for years to come.

What do you think? Have you made any Christmas decorations this year? And are any of them beaded? Let me know!

9 thoughts on “Blogger Network #19 – Beaded Christmas Bells

  1. How much would you charge to make for me the gold/pearl Christmas Bell? My grandmother made one for me when I was little and a few years ago, my ex stole it. I would love to have it replaced. If you can, please contact me on Facebook –> (Marsha L Fifolt)


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