Mollie Makes Sardine Keyring

mollie makes 29Let’s start by clearing something up: yes, I did buy the most recent issue of Mollie Makes magazine just for the free gift. I thought this was something that I’d left behind in my childhood (remember those days of picking Girl Talk over Go Girl just because it had some free sparkly butterfly clips?) but clearly it’s something I still do now. That’s if the free spatula with Ideal Home magazine a few weeks ago was anything to go by.

Anyway, issue 29 of Mollie Makes came with this cute little envelope filled with fabric and string to make your very own sardine keyring. I really cannot think of anything I’ve wanted sardine keyringto make more than this.

To make the sardines, you simply cut out the fabric into long fish shapes, sew it right-sides together whilst trapping the string at the nose end, turn right-side out and stuff. Oh and sew on the massive beady eye. And slip stitch the gap closed.

The instructions sound easy enough but this is all a bit fiddly as they’re so teeny tiny and the fabric has a tendency to fray – I had to do a fair amount of sardine surgery to get them to stay put but, allΒ the same, here’s my finished sardine keyring! Definitely worth buying the magazine for.


12 thoughts on “Mollie Makes Sardine Keyring

  1. I went magazine hunting today and there was a different mollie makes, maybe they’re still selling the old where I am! The sardies would have swung my decision tho πŸ™‚


    • glad I’m not the only one! I’m not sure you’ll be able to find this edition without hunting online now though – they’ve brought out a new issue since I posted this!


    • haha definitely not just me then! I can’t quite get my head around Mollie Makes though – it’s such a lovely looking magazine but I find the content a bit… useless? They need more makes and more patterns I think! I used to love Sew Hip magazine but I think they’ve discontinued it now 😦 thanks for stopping by!


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