DIY Scandi-Style Christmas Wreath

DIY scandi christmas wreathI’m not sure that I’ve ever had a Christmas wreath. It’s a tradition that a lot of families honour – displaying wreaths made of holly, ivy, tinsel and fairy lights on their front doors in the run up to the big day – but a tradition that my own family have just never bothered with. Now that I’ve got my own house however, (and a Hobbycraft store just around the corner) I thought it was about time that I made my very first DIY Christmas wreath! What do you think?

To make your own Scandi-style Christmas wreath like mine you will need: 1x 12″ ratten wreath, 1x 6cm wired robin, 1x reel of striped ribbon, a sheet of red and white polka dot felt, a few pearl beads, some wired ivy leaves and a set of battery powered fairy lights (mine were £1.50 from Primark!).

I love the Nordic Christmas colour scheme – red and white – so it was easy for me to pick a theme for my wreath. I’ve seen so many designs and tutorials out there for wreaths of various kinds but decided to use my imagination instead of following a pattern. Have you made a wreath this year (or in years gone by)? I’d love to see some pictures if you have!

make a scandi style christmas wreath


10 thoughts on “DIY Scandi-Style Christmas Wreath

    • Thank you! I love the wreaths that use proper holly and ivy – much more hardy for the front door than felt and ribbon like mine! Mine will be hung on the living room door instead 🙂


  1. I cheated the first year we lived here and bought one (thought I better have one now I live in the countryside), then last year I added fresh greenery to it (the trimmings from the Christmas tree and a bit of holly from the garden)…. Still cheating! Will probably cheat some more this year too 😉


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