Yarndale 2017 in Photos

This weekend (23rd-24th Sept) marked the 5th annual Yarndale festival in Skipton, North Yorkshire. This is the 4th time that I’ve been and I loved it just as much as every other time before! Here are a few photos of my day at this wool-lovers paradise:

Yarndale 2016!

This weekend (24th-25th September 2016) saw the return of the annual wool-based festival in Skipton, Yorkshire – Yarndale! I love going to this huge knitting, crafting (and some sewing) fair every autumn with my favourite crafting friend and this year we certainly weren’t disappointed. Here are a collection of my favourite pictures from the day – enjoy!

yarndale-2016-buntingThe walk down to Skipton Auction Mart was covered in Yarndale bunting.

thirsk-yarnbombers-yarndale-2016All the posts on the way into Yarndale were also decorated by the Thirsk Yarnbombers!

yarndale-2016-bunting-mandalas-ice-cream-van-sheepYarndale sheep, a yarnbombed ice cream van (selling finger puppets!) the mandalas outside above a knitted Leeds-Liverpool Canal and the bunting that makes an appearance every year.


Knitted animals! A rag rug sheep, an enormous knitted bluetit (I nearly bought the kit for my Grandma) and a faux-taxidermy tiger rug from Sincerely Louise.


Real animals! Goats, alpacas, sheep and a man with a massive Angora rabbit on his knee.

yarndale-2016-with-lucy-attic-24We met Lucy from Attic 24! And what a lovely lady she is, too.

That’s it! Did you go to Yarndale this year? Did you enjoy it? We went first thing in the morning before the crowds got too mad and had a great time. I came away with the Mini Knitted Christmas book (signed by the author/designer, Sue Stratford) plus a box full of coloured yarn to make all the Christmas decorations with. My friend bought a crochet blanket kit full of Stylecraft DK. Until next year!

Yarndale 2015! A few photos…

yarndale bus 2015This weekend saw the 3rd annual Yarndale festival in Skipton, North Yorkshire, and my lovely, lovely friend treated me to a ticket! Lucky me! Back in 2013 we both went to the first ever Yarndale (see my review for that here) and enjoyed it so much that we were determined to return again. I mean, could you resist a festival described as ‘celebrating all things woolly and wonderful’? I’d like to see you try. Here are a few (a lot of) photos from our day (plus bonus points if you can spot my new giant knitting needles, Lucy from Attic24, an Angora rabbit and a felt duck pond!):

yarndale buntingyarndale wall of flowersyarndale christmas craftsyarndale 2015 animalsalpacas and angoras at yarndale 2015yarndale giant knitting

Knitted Eco-Friendly Dishcloths

dish cloth kitsIf you can cast your minds back to a few weeks ago, you’ll remember that I spent a sunny Saturday morning at Yarndale Knitting Festival in Skipton. Whilst I was there, and amongst many others, I visited this stall run by the lovely Fiona and Christine of Catch-e-Monkey and Rose Cottage Crafts and picked up my very own DIY Dishcloth kit!

The kit consists of a ball of cotton aran yarn, 5.5mm knitting needles and the instructions for how to knit 3 different dishcloths: one in garter stitch, one in linen stitch and one with a checkerboard effect. For a new-to-knitting beginner like myself this kit was perfect as it allowed me to create useful items very quickly as well as knitted dishclothspractice my knitting stitches at the same time!

The kits are available for just £6.50 and, although Catch-e-Monkey has no online shop, I’m sure that if you contact Fiona through Twitter or Facebook then she’d be happy to help.

What do you think of my finished dishcloths? Have you ever tried knitting something so simple yet so effective yourself? Now I just need to bring myself to actually use them for their intended purpose – there’s something inside me dreading the thought of them being used to wipe up tomato sauce!

Yarndale 2013; a Festival of Woolly Delights!

Yarndale 2013For those of you who don’t know, Yarndale festival is a weekend event held in the lovely Yorkshire Dales town of Skipton, and is dedicated to everything knitted, crocheted, spun, dyed and felted.

When my friend asked if I wanted to go, I found it near-impossible to say no! Anything that involves wool and is hosted in a town whose name originates from the Old English for ‘sheep town’ has me hooked. I mean, if ‘Sheep Town’ isn’t the perfect place to hold a yarn-based festival then no-where else in the world is ever going to Yarndale 2013 buntingbe sufficient. Plus you got to follow this ‘Follow the Bunting’ sign – something that I thought only happened in my dreams!

Yarndale 2013 was held at Skipton Auction Mart – a huge building normally used for selling and trading cattle. I was expecting it to be a bit cow-y, but Yarndale was far from it. In fact, the atmosphere was perfect for the making-something-from-scratch theme that the festival has.

Yarndale 2013 lacemakersI was also pleasantly surprised to find that the stall-owners and demonstrators were fun, vibrant and very much passionate about their craft. I came away from the day with a very sore throat from all the chatting I’d done with everyone – who knew that spinning, lacemaking and felting were actually real-life things that real-life people did!

I even met a few alpacas and Angora rabbits. If they could speak I’m sure their stories would have been just as fascinating.

If you get the chance to attend Yarndale in the future then I 100% recommend that you go. Alongside the sore throat, I came away from the event with a fantastic woven picnic blanket (thriftily made from waste yarn over at Longwood Blankets!) and a knit-your-own Yarndale 2013 crochet blanketecologically-friendly dish cloth kit (from Catch-e-Monkey). I can’t wait to blog about these later on!

Did you go to Yarndale 2013? I’d love to hear about your experiences and purchases if you did. Now I’m just looking forward to Yarndale 2014; who knows, I may have a stall there myself one day!