Woolly Hearts & Cedric the Snake

knitted heartThis week I’ve been teaching myself some new knitting stitches as, unless I just want to knit scarves and snakes forever, I need to know how to read knitting patterns and do the relevant stitches in the relevant places. I decided to start easy, so chose a simple pattern for a little woollen heart from my Let’s Knit magazine. The pattern was asking me to sl1, kfb and psso which, to me, is complete gobbledegook. Learning the language of knitting would, therefore, be paramount.

To learn the stitches, I headed over to YouTube and simply typed in the stitch names. The result was the Deramores YouTube channel – a channel absolutely full of ‘how tos’ which will now, no doubt, become an invaluable resource to me. I memorised the techniques, followed the pattern letter by letter and here’s the finished result.

Cedric the snakeTalking of not wanting to knit snakes forever… when visiting my parents house this weekend (with the ulterior motive of ‘borrowing’ some wool) I came across this long, stripy scarf/snake (snarf?) that I began when I was about 8 years old. Using odd scraps of my mum’s wool I used to knit a stripe every time I felt like learning to knit. I never finished it, but having come across it 16 years later I decided to cast off what I’d completed, sew it up, fill it with toy stuffing and give Cedric the snake some perssssonality! (Sorry). What do you think?!

I ordered some new knitting books from Amazon this weekend too, so hopefully they’ll be posted out soon and I can get started on a multitude of woolly cats. Amazon are very slow with their delivery these days – if I can get to work in the snow, so should they!