The (Cutest) Red Felt Kitten

Apart from maybe the white felt elephant or the orange felt dog, this cutesy felt kitten is possibly the loveliest felt toy I’ve made yet. Just look at his adorable eyes and whiskers. I defy you to disagree.

He’s currently residing at my friend’s house – I somehow managed to part with him alongside a birthday present – so I only have the photo evidence that he ever existed.

The pattern for the cat came out of my Felt Friends in Japan book, which I reviewed in another blog here. As with the other felt toys, the pattern pieces were all about 2cm big (the finished cat is only about 2 inches tall) and so it was quite fiddly to sew and later stuff. I think it took me a couple of hours in front of the television altogether, which I don’t think is a bad effort!

I used a red-wine coloured felt for the body and decided to use a similar coloured embroidery thread to stitch it together. The book suggests contrasting stitching or felts but I didn’t want it to be too fussy. Though I do think that my addition of the little pink bow is the perfect final touch.


March of the Felt Elephant

Today I decided to have a crack at making something from my new book – Felt Friends From Japan. I wrote a review about it previously, and so thought it was about time that I actually gave it a go! I decided to start with one of the most basic-looking animals…

And here we are. Introducing Alfred, the felt elephant.

The pattern is made up of 3 body pieces, 2 ears, 2 eyes and a tail which are all stitched together using white embroidery thread. It was a bit fiddly to sew, as all the components are around 2 inches big at most – but it was a lovely project for a morning off work. I have such a lot of felt saved up from over the years so the patterns in this book are perfect for using it all up!

Next time I’m going to attempt to make an adorable felt cat. And perhaps a frog shaped coin purse. Or a gingerbread man brooch. I think it’s safe to assume you’ll be receiving one of these for Christmas, too!

Felt Friends From Japan – Review

Felt Friends from Japan is a felt-based toy making book that I spotted this weekend in my (not so local) Waterstones Exeter store. Obviously I made no hesitation in falling head over heels for it. Toys+Japan= sure winner for everyone involved. The fact I get staff discount in Waterstones does help with the book’s appeal – although this perk only lasts until the start of July, so buying it yesterday was my ONLY option. Naturally.

The book is written by a lovely looking lady named Naomi Tabatha – and I believe it’s the only one she’s turned her hand to. Born in Japan, and having worked as a toy-maker for magazine, book and CD covers, as well as writing magazine columns and (as the book delightfully tells me) has blood type B – Tabatha epitomises everything I would love to be myself. What a girl.

The inside of the book is sickeningly cute – those with a nervous disposition towards everything kawaii, please look away now. There are options to make gingerbread men brooches, goldfish coin purses and puppy dog mascots to name but a few of the delightful toys on offer. The inside of the book jacket even contains all the patterns needed to make the items – ingenious.

In my own sewing kit I have a special box dedicated to bits of felt, so I’m hoping that Felt Friends will help me to use them up. I can’t wait to make myself a Kenji Cat or a pin badge in the shape of a flowerpot – all essential items that I have no idea HOW I lived without beforehand. The last time I worked with felt was on the needle case I made – check that out here.

Pictures of completed toys will, of course, be uploaded in due course. Super kawaii!