Blogger Network #1 – Chinese Satin Kimono!

burda satin kimonoYay! I finally completed my first Minerva Crafts Blogger Network project! And, boy, was this an adventurous one for me to begin with. You can’t say I don’t embrace a challenge.

For my first make I picked this lovely, golden satin brocade and knew immediately that it would fit perfectly with the Burda kimono pattern I’ve been aiming to make this spring. And before I get started – if you’re interested to copy what I’ve made, you can buy the kimono pattern right here!

burda 7297 variationsThe Burda 7297 pattern comes with three different variations for you to choose from – I picked view ‘A’ on the picture here, which is shorter in burda 7297 kimono backlength and has a belt in the same colour as the main fabric. It also has a full lining (included in the kit) which makes it even more luxurious! The Chinese brocade I chose for the main fabric is absolutely wonderful too. It’s so soft and silky and literally glitters in the sunlight, as you might just be able to see in my pictures.

My Blogger Network kit also comes with some interfacing so that you can strengthen your fabric where needed (useful for the brocade because it doesn’t half fray!) and some matching Gutterman thread.

burda kimono blogger networkThe pattern itself has a fair amount of pieces for you to cut out – remember that you’re making a lining and an outer, so you’re basically making the kimono twice! Don’t let this put you off though. The pattern is easy to follow and I had no trouble matching up pieces and seams. I even learnt how to do gathers properly, which is always a plus!

Overall I’m actually quite impressed that I managed to make this pattern. It took me a couple of weekends to complete but my finished kimono is definitely something I’ll enjoy wearing when the evenings become a bit lighter and a bit warmer. You can read a bit more about this project, plus a few of my pattern tips, over on the Blogger Network website here.

And finally, here’s a tip that might save you a lot of time: