Autumn Apple Bettine

tilly and the buttons bettineHello, I’m back! And so is the dressmaking! It’s been forever since I last posted about a garment I’ve made and since then a whole host of ‘life’ has been going on. We moved house 6 weeks ago and have since been unpacking, decorating and organising in every spare moment, plus I was full of cold for the entirety of last week, so my poor sewing machine has had to sit in the corner for a while. This weekend I finally managed to bring it back out of hibernation and restore the peace!

So what was my first dressmaking project in the new house? A Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress, of course! I’ve had the pattern for this dress since Tilly brought it out earlier in the year but, due to both the move and my never-ending to-do list, it’s taken me until now to get it made up. It’s a lovely little dress with kimono-style sleeves, rolled cuffs, an elastic waist and pockets that teaches you a whole host of sewing skills as you work through the instructions. It’s also very easy to wear which is a bonus.

tilly & the buttons bettine dress

The fabric I used for my Bettine is a very autumn-appropriate apple print cotton from White Tree Fabrics (remember you can get 20% off and free delivery using my code, SEWSENSATIONAL). It’s a lovely, soft cotton which is very easy to cut, sew with and press. It’s perhaps a little lightweight for the upcoming cold weather but I can definitely see myself giving it a good try with woolly tights and a massive cardi!

tilly and the buttons bettine dress 2

I think the best part about this dress is the pockets, which are rapidly becoming my new favourite thing to sew. They also make this the perfect dress for wearing whilst you stitch away – you’ll never lose your scissors or seam-ripper again! The pattern also features a plain skirt version if you want to whip up a new dress in mere minutes as well as optional cuff tabs which I think I might try next time.

So what do you think? Have you made a Bettine dress yourself? A quick Google search reveals a myriad of beautiful Bettines in all sorts of pretty fabrics. Show me yours!


13 thoughts on “Autumn Apple Bettine

  1. I love your Bettine Louise! Apple-tastic! I have just finished my second, one jersey and one viscose and I agree, it is soooo easy to wear! I have been wearing mine with tights and a long sleeved jersey top underneath which is perfect for Autumn. Am wondering whether to do a 3rd but also want to do an Agnes top so we’ll see!!


  2. It’s a pretty design on you Louise and a vey sweet fabric to make it up in. I bought some fabric to make up a Colette Myrtle, but like you a bit worried it could be a little lightweight for Autumn, think I’ll be going down the tights and cardi route too 🙂


    • Woohoo thank you! I made my Myrtle out of a thick jersey and it’s definitely very ‘heavy’ so good for autumn – it’s just the lack of sleeves that are the problem! Saying that, you can never go wrong with woolly tights and a cardigan…

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  3. Wow. That is one of those fabrics I’d of passed on entirely and here you’ve taken it and made it into something really cute and nice. I suffer the reverse too, buying something (like script fabric) thinking I love that… but what to do with it… so it sits. Very well done. Moving is both exciting and exhausting, hope you’re settling in.


  4. This looks great! Congrats on the house move too.

    I really want the Betttine dress, and want to make it in some ponte roma I’ve had in my stash for aaaaages, but am restricting my pattern purchases. She says, as she continues to purchase new patterns. I also want the Agnes pattern as well. Sigh. First world sewing problems.


    • Thank you and thank you! I do really like this pattern so I recommend getting it… and I also want the Agnes too, haha! Perhaps we should both put them on our Christmas lists?


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