Hexie Sewing Machine Cover!

hexagonsOh my gosh you guys you have absolutely no idea how long it’s taken me to finish this project. I’ve had the blog post for it scheduled for February and then March and then April and then May… well, you get the picture, and now here we are in August! For this week’s post I thought you might finally like to see my hexie patchwork sewing machine cover!

A while back I suddenly became obsessed with the look of hexagons, pinned a load of projects to my Pinterest and made a mini hexie patchwork clock for a friend. It was so much fun to make that I thought I’d take on something a little more ambitious and make a hexie patchwork cover for my sewing machine! I think I got the word ‘ambitious’ right on point.

This project has taken me many months to complete – I kept picking it up here and there and then putting it back down again. There are a total of 284 hexagons making up this design and each one has to be sewn together by hand. That’s 6 sides on 123 hexagons which = 1704+ lines of hand-stitching. Can you see why it took me a while? However, just look at the result! Isn’t it beautiful?!

hexie patchwork sewing machine cover 2

The fabric I used all came from my ‘fabric scraps’ stash – you know, that big bag of pretty leftovers that you just can’t let go of. Each scrap comes from a project that I’ve made in the past so it’s good fun to look at the hexagons and think ‘oh! that’s a piece of my chambray shirt, my Liberty print t-shirt and my piano stool cover!’. I tried to pick out all similar colours – shades of blue, purple and turquoise – to give it a bit of an overall theme. I even lined the whole thing using some bigger scraps of mint-green seersucker from a pair of pyjamas that I made.

hexie patchwork sewing machine cover 3

I actually made up the pattern for the cover myself – I simply measured the height, width and depth of my machine and then stitched enough hexagons together so that they would wrap all the way around it. I ended up with a big ‘snood’ of hexagons which I ironed at the ‘corners’ to make it a box shape. I then stitched a separate top panel, squared off the edges and machine stitched that in place. The lining was made in a similar fashion – a front and back panel, two side panels and a top panel. I then slipped the lining inside the hexagon cover (wrong sides together) and stitched a hem all around the bottom to attach them together. Phew!

As well as making my machine look lovely in the corner it also prevents the dust settling in those moments when it’s not in use. So, do you love it? Have you got a cover for your sewing machine? Or perhaps I’ve inspired you to make one? Let me know!


23 thoughts on “Hexie Sewing Machine Cover!

  1. Worth all the effort and time – it’s beautiful, and amazingly coordinated given it’s made entirely out of scraps. It actually looks like you chose them especially, although I guess you chose them all originally, so they kind of naturally ‘went’? Did you plan certain colour combinations or just do it randomly? I’m almost inspired, but maybe I’ll start on a much smaller scale 😉


    • I picked out all the blues and purples and then did them in horizontal rows of ‘almost all blues’ and ‘almost all purples’ ha, that perhaps makes it look a bit less random? Please show me what you make!

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  2. This is beautiful! My paper piecing project is a queen bed quilt. There is years of work left in it. A lot of the fabric is from old projects as well, so I totally get the fun of spotting parts of other projects in it.


  3. This is lovely, well worth the effort! My machine has a hard cover, but I keep meaning to make a pretty one for it to brighten up my sewing area.


  4. OH MAN the love, time and effort gone into this is immense! Well well well done 🙂 definitely worth the time and effort, it shines through the finished cover 🙂 I absolutely do not have the patience to do this, but I really wish I did your cover looks amazing 🙂 your maths skills have out me off attempting it though :p hehe well done 🙂 I don’t have a machine cover yet, but I don’t have a desk for the machine to live on either so it lives sadly in its box on the shelf when not in use boo – jenny xx


    • Haha I think this is my favourite comment so far – thank you! When I started sewing it I don’t think I realised quite how long it would take… plus it’s one of those ‘just one more row’ projects so I always seemed to be doing it! Go on, have a go 😉


  5. It is beautiful! I love the colour combinations. I have recently started basting hexies for my first hexie quilt (it will be either my 2nd or 3rd quilt depending on how long it takes…). It is addictive, so I am going to have to make sure I complete some of my other outstanding projects along the way. Too many things to make and not enough time 😀


  6. I do love it, a lot, especially as it is both pretty and a reminder of so many earlier projects.
    Please do not show it to my sewing machine as it will get envious. It just sits out on my desk all the time, getting dusty.


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