A Denim Elisalex

denim elisalex dressRemember in my last post when I said I had a denim Elisalex dress planned? Well, here it is! Rather than repeat myself and talk about how great the pattern is and how lovely the By Hand London girls are, I’ll just leave you with a few photographs.

The fabric, by the way, is a lightweight denim that I picked up at Boyes in Scarborough. You can find similar here at Minerva Crafts or here at My Fabrics. I also found some really lovely looking patterned denim on eBay that you might want to check out! The reason I chose to use real denim over a lighter, more versatile chambray is because it holds the shape of this dress really well – chambray fabric is quite drapey and probably wouldn’t make the tulip skirt look as effective.

denim elisalex dress

Talking about the skirt – can you see the seam I had to add in down the centre?! Unfortunately I managed to rip my fabric whilst sewing and I only had enough spare to do the front panel as two pieces, rather than one. It doesn’t look majorly out of place but it does mean that the skirt doesn’t hang as flat as I would’ve liked – I think because the fabric is still quite stiff. Perhaps once I’ve washed it a few times it’ll soften up. Other than that I think this is a success! What do you reckon?

denim elisalex


26 thoughts on “A Denim Elisalex

    • Woohoo what a lovely comment, thank you! And I agree ‘basics’ are the way forward – it’s great making lots of patterned, colourful dresses and tops but they don’t always match with everything else! x


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