Blogger Network #14 – Summer Strawberries

strawberry country kitchen table matsHappy May! OK, so this post is a bit late to the table (I can only apologise for both the pun and the delay) – my Blogger Network projects are always done and dusted for the start of the month…. but this one didn’t exactly go to plan. I had originally intended to make a dress – Simplicity 1699 in fact – but, well, I’ve got some place mats to show you instead! I’m trying to be optimistic about it because this month’s post features gingham and strawberries in abundance. In fact, it’s is pretty much Wimbledon in fabric form and I can’t exactly pass up on that…

Now, I absolutely love the pattern I had intended to show off this month. It was from Simplicity 1699, which has a dress, peplum top, jacket and trouser pattern option included (which I definitely plan to come back to). I was originally going to make the dress but then decided I’d actually rather try the peplum top, as I’ve never made one of those before. To cut a long story short – it just did not go well. You can read more about that over on the Minerva Crafts blog if you can bear to look 😉

The fabric I’d picked was a navy blue gingham and strawberry print cotton poplin and it’s incredibly soft, a little like a cotton lawn. It’s great to work with and is perfect for country-kitchen based sewing projects. So, to avoid calling my original make a total disaster, I decided to use my remaining fabric to make something completely different – table mats! This fabric is calling out to be used for a homeware project and I wish I’d listened to my instincts in the first place. I love how they’re a bit nautical-come-Wimbledon and the little gingham cutlery pockets are just my favourite.

liberty simple sewing table mats

The pattern for the place mats comes from the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing and they really are a joy to make. I actually already own a set of  mats just like these – you can see that post here – so I’m unsure as to whether I’ll keep these for myself or hand them out as a gift. Saying that, I think they’d do great for a wedding present for someone this summer.

Do you ever have a great idea in mind that just doesn’t turn out quite how you expected? Or have you ever experienced a fabric/dress pattern clash like I did? I love to learn from my makes but it’s always disappointing when things don’t turn out quite as planned. Bring on my next make is all I say!


8 thoughts on “Blogger Network #14 – Summer Strawberries

  1. Yes! I made a wrap that just did not work. At all. So I unpicked it and plan to use the material to make a top. I was really disappointed in the wrap as I had grand plans for it but something just wasn’t quite right.

    I think your placemats are super cute though!


  2. I know that frustration – I knitted a jumper a few months ago and it just fit all wrong so I ripped it all out, but used the wool to knit a better jumper, sometimes we have to suck it up and l’m really glad you are looking on the bright side, your place mats are gorgeous! jenny xx


    • I love the waste-not want-not approach we all have! I hate to just abandon a project completely so it’s great to be able to turn it into something bigger and better! x


  3. Great idea that didn’t turn out I expected? All the time! I have a half-made bag sitting in a bag, waiting for me to get the courage to start again. From scratch.
    You are right that this fabric is perfect for homewares. It would make a truly cute apron too.
    Silly question – how does one use cutlery pockets? I thought they were a North American thing, from the lands where knife in one hand and fork in the other just doesn’t happen. (My husband is Canadian.) I must be wrong if they are in a so-very-British Liberty book.


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