Blogger Network #12 – Polka Dot Peter Pan Blouse

simple sew peter pan polka dot blouseTime for March’s Minerva Blogger Network post! In amongst all the wind, rain and snow that have graced the country recently we’ve also been getting a fair few sunny days here in the UK – Spring is definitely coming! In celebration of the Spring, this month’s project is a lightweight, warm-weather blouse – perfect for those first sightings of snowdrops.

The pattern I used for this project is the Simple Sew Peter Pan Collar Blouse. I’ve never used a Simple Sew pattern before but when I noticed that Minerva Crafts had started stocking them I thought it was about time I gave one a try. The pattern itself is printed on sturdy paper (rather like Tilly’s patterns) making it very easy to cut out and work with – which is great for beginners or people who really do want a ‘Simple Sew’.

The blouse is simply made up of a front panel, two back panels and the Peter Pan collar. I do love a good collar, they make even the most basic of outfits look a bit more dressed up. If you’ve never sewn a collar before then you’ll have to trust me on this one, but they really are quite easy to make! Each side of the collar is made up of two pieces of fabric with interfacing in between which you just baste onto the neckline and then, when you attach the bias binding, a finished collar magically appears! It really is a ‘wow, I did that!’ moment.

simple sew peter pan blouse

The fabric I used for my blouse is a black and white polka dot cotton poplin. It’s very soft (and lightweight) making it an ideal choice for a project like this. It’s also very easy to sew with and doesn’t cost the earth! I only used about 1 metre of it for this blouse and then used a very small piece of leftover black cotton for the contrasting collar, plus some white bias binding for the armholes and black binding for the neckline.

simple sew paternThe back of the blouse also features a rowΒ of 5 buttons (I used these polka dot buttons). This is perhaps the only part of the project that needs quite a bit of skill! Button holes seem to be a struggle for all seamstresses, but I used my machine and got there in the end. Remember to make your button holes big enough so that your button can fit through it –Β there’s my tip for that!

What do you think of it overall? I like to wear it tucked into a skirt but I’m sure it’d look just as smart worn on top of a pair of black skinny jeans. Let’s just hope the sunshine sticks around so I can wear it more often!


27 thoughts on “Blogger Network #12 – Polka Dot Peter Pan Blouse

  1. I made this pattern but I found it a bit shapeless and ended up putting some darts in. I would be interested in how you wear it, I thought I would never be out of it from the picture but it was a bit ‘too simple’ if that makes sense. Jo


    • Yes I understand that! It kind of hangs quite ‘square’ from the arms downwards but I quite like the boxy/oversized look so it suits me ok… I’ve been wearing it tucked into my skirt too which looks quite nice! x


    • Haha both are definitely worth a go! I was surprised by how easy the collar was to do – I’ve just made another for my Tilly and the Buttons Francoise dress and that one went just as well. They look so effective. Can’t wait to see your dress!


  2. Polka dots are always classic and timeless.
    Good tip on the buttonholes! I made the mistake recently of buying some pretty buttons to jazz up a bought cardigan, but they are a whisker too big – right size but too thick. I’ll have to save them for another cardi.

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  3. That top is lovely. I have only just started to learn to sew but I definitely want to work up to making that. I love a collar on a top.


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