I Have A New Blog Design! & Mystery Giveaway!

SSTake a look around! What do you think? Do these new colours make me look good? πŸ™‚ I’ve been wanting a redesign for ages – something to bring my blog from the depths of 2010 where it began right into the modern day of 2015. So do you like it?

I’d like to dedicate this post to my awesome designer-friend Sophie who created my new logo, background, social media icons and everything else fancy you see around here. Sophie’s a brilliant illustrator – you can find out lots more on her Pinterest, in her Etsy shop, Society 6 and TwitterΒ  – and I highly recommend that you get in touch should you want alice in wonderland printyour own logos, prints, cards, cushions or anything else creating! She actually made us this great Alice in Wonderland typography print for our wedding, too πŸ™‚

In celebration of my super new look I thought I’d host a little mysteryΒ giveaway for all of you lovely readers as I really do appreciate the time you take to read what I write and leave such lovely comments! I’ve put together a mystery sewing bundle filled with bits and pieces to add to your stash – you never know, there might be patterns, fabric, buttons or sweets!Β To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post –Β I’ll pop your names into a hat on Valentine’s DayΒ (2015) and draw one lucky winner then. Good luck!

Note: this competition is now closed! Thank you so much for all of your entries. The winner, chosen at random, is Hayley who has been contacted for her prize. Well done!


80 thoughts on “I Have A New Blog Design! & Mystery Giveaway!

  1. Oh my goodness it’s so cute and totally suits you! Don’t need to be a part of the giveaway (you should see me try to thread a needle), just wanted to tell you the new look is great! xo


  2. I love the new look. Clean and modern. Great job. Thanks for a giveaway too. I’ve also shared your giveaway on my Giveaway List for sewers & quilters at wowilikethat.com. Thanks again. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

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  3. I like it! It’s cute how your design follows all the way down on the right! I have seen some blogs that have small print and you can’t see the words. The problem isn’t alway the small print though. Your print has a clean white background and is very clear to see. Some have the small print on a background full of faint words or images and you just can’t read it! Your’s is very nice!

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  4. I really do like your new “do” on the blog! The homespun feel and craftiness really suits you. How fun!
    I also really like mystery prizes, especially when they are sewing related. Well, that and jewelry, but I’ll settle for fabric, buttons and chocolates!

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  5. Wow! It looks so bright and shiny! I’ve been thinking I must do the same at some point and you’ve given me a (very helpful) shove! πŸ˜‰


  6. Your blog looks great! The sewing notions down the right hand side are particularly adorable. Love sewing supply surprises (say that 3 times fast!), thanks for the chance to win!

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  7. I love allll of your fabric, i love sewing i taught myself when i was 16 yrs old.I’m in college now and sewing is my favorite thing to do but fabric can be expensive so i would love to win!

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