Knitted Bow Bunting

knitted bow bunting diyJust a quick knitting project for you today! And also a knitting project that uses up all those scraps of yarn you have lying around from other projects. Yeah, you know the ones. This week I made some bunting out of knitted bows – isn’t it lovely? It looks great hung up in our bedroom – especially since we’ve recently had to sadly pack away all the Christmas-themed garlands…

I found the knitting pattern for the bows over at Wake and WhimsyΒ and they’re super easy to make. Each bow takes about 5-10 minutes from start to finish, especially if you use chunky yarnlike I did for mine. All you need to do is:

  • Cast on 14 stitches (I used 5mm needles).
  • Knit a few rows in garter stitch until you have your desired width (about 8Β is enough).
  • Cast off knit-wise.
  • Wrap a length of yarn a few times around the middle of the rectangle you’ve just knitted to create a bow and knotΒ the ends in place.
  • Attach the bows onto a long length of yarn or ribbon and ta-dah!

knitted bow garland

I bet this is easily something you could knock up this weekend, too πŸ™‚ show me if you do!


18 thoughts on “Knitted Bow Bunting

  1. That is a very creative project, and I love the way you arranged the 3 photos together! I may not get organized enough to complete one of these soon but it’s definitely going to go on the list somewhere…:)


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  3. Cute!
    Years ago, I gave away all my yarn scraps to a charity project, and I am still waiting for them to build up again to the point there is enough to make things like this from stashed leftovers. Unstarted balls of yarn – I have those! Sigh.


    • Despite a bit disappointing, that’s very kind of you! At least your scraps went to a good home rather than just being stashed in a box on top of a cupboard somewhere πŸ˜‰


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