Blogger Network #10 – Winter Wool Skirt

simplicity 1591 wool mini skirtFirst up, Happy New Year! Secondly, welcome back to my monthly Minerva Blogger Network posts! I had a month off in December due to the wedding, the honeymoon and then Christmas… I think you’ll agree I had rather a lot on my plate and could afford to miss a month out πŸ˜‰ Anyway, now it’s January and it’s back to the grind! (Not that creating things for Minerva Crafts is a hassle whatsoever – it’s perhaps the most fun job you can do!)

For my post this month I got inspired by the season and chose to make a thick woollen skirt, perfect for the winter weather here in the UK. TheΒ materialΒ I usedΒ was the black and ivory heavy wool tweed fabric, which is thick enough to make a coat with, and so very, very warm for a winter skirt. My machine had no problems sewing through the thickness but I did make sure that I switched to a super sturdy needle just in case!

The pattern for the skirt is Simplicity 1591 – I chose view C which is for a mini length and has a button detail at the waist. The skirt itself is made up of 3 panels plus 2 tabs where the buttons are (I used these super sparkly glass crystal buttons from Minerva Crafts if you’re wondering!), plus an invisible zip at the back. I had absolutely no problems sewing the skirt up aside from getting it to fit properly (as usual!) It currently fits lovely around my bum but is a bit gapey around the top at the waist – perhaps I just need to tuck a thick jumper into it or eat a few more Christmas chocs πŸ™‚

simplicity 1591 skirt

This was a great little project that I had chance to get completed well before the last-minute wedding prep. Unfortunately it didn’t make it with me to Iceland, as I was wearing purely dresses and woolly tights to save suitcase space, but it would’ve been ideal for the freezing weather conditions over there! It’s also quite smart looking, I think because of the colour, so would be great for the office workers among you. Perhaps you could make a matching woollen jacket and channel Chanel?! *Nips off to look for jacket patterns*…


14 thoughts on “Blogger Network #10 – Winter Wool Skirt

  1. Very nicely done! So I am curious. Here in Canada we are seeing the stores starting to not stock Simplicity patterns, they still stock all the rest. You can of course still order them on line. Is it like that there? Do you only have certain brands in stores? Or can you get ahold of any brand in the stores?


  2. Your skirt looks very smart!
    I have always loved my winter-weight things (note: it was 44.4 degrees Celsius here yesterday). Everything looks so much more tailored and well made when you use a nice wool instead of a summery cotton. Why is that?


  3. I missed this one! Beautiful skirt (it fits you like a glove!) & it looks so well made! Congratulations again on the wedding! I am SO jealous of your trip to Iceland! πŸ˜‰


  4. Hi I’ve actually got this fabric – just need to prewash it first! do you just use a normal washing machine cycle for yours??! Thanks!


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