A Sewing Wishlist for 2015

Iceland santasIt’s almost Christmas so that means time to start the plans for 2015! In case I don’t see you before – I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time and a fabulous New Year – I’m very much looking forward to spending it with my new husband! By the way – the photo here is of some very friendly Santas that we saw in Iceland (Stykkishólmur) who were randomly handing out presents on the street… Scroll down for a few more festive Iceland snaps!

I’d also like to point out that I’ve chosen to call these ‘plans’ rather then ‘resolutions’, as there’s never any guarantee that you’ll stick to them, is there? With that in mind, this coming year I’d like to:

  • Hand-make all birthday gifts and Christmas presents – an ambitious aim but one I’d love to try. Who doesn’t love a thoughtful, handmade gift?!
  • Make more use of my fabric stash – something that everyone aims for but one I actually intend to have a go at this time. I have way too much fabric.
  • Buy less fabric – this one might be difficult as fabric shopping is so fun but one that will help with the ‘make more use of my stash’ aim.
  • Make more use of the patterns I’ve got – remake the ones I love, use the ones I’ve not even started and get rid of those I dislike. Makes sense.
  • Finish all WIPs – yikes, an adventurous aim, but one that desperately needs to be done.
  • Complete my fairisle jumper – it’s been an ongoing knitting project for almost a year and I want to wear it before summer comes around again!
  • Not take up any new crafts – a tough one for me as I like to dabble in everything but I just have no space and no time for anything else.

I think all of my new year plans are fairly achievable – how about you? Have you got any plans similar to mine? Tell me about them! I’m absolutely definite that I’m not the only one with hoards of fabric, cupboards bursting with WIPs and boxes upon boxes of yet-to-be-started crafts. In fact, I know that I’m not the only one!

iceland honeymoon montage


12 thoughts on “A Sewing Wishlist for 2015

  1. Good luck making all gifts! That really is adventurous! I’ve got a sewing plans post in the pipeline… of course one is to make use of my fabric stash! I hope you finish your jumper, too! 🙂


  2. I think this year I’ll make a list that’s a bit more specific in which garments and none-garment projects I want to make. Your plans sound good, although I would only make gifts for people that will actually enjoy receiving a hand made gift. Good luck!


  3. Ooh. Good plans. I have some similar grand plans…not buying new patterns and fabric amongst them too!!! Let’s see how far I get!! Merry Christmas!


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