Men’s Paisley PJs

men's paisley pyjamasSo next weekend I’m getting married, eek! (As if I just typed that!) As some of you may know, we’re off to Iceland for our honeymoon a week on Monday, so for my latest project my other half requested I make him a pair of snuggly pyjamas (I’m certain the rest of you sewists are familiar with the ‘can you make me…’ scenario!) for the cold nights there.

The pattern I used was from the ‘Easy Endless Options’ pyjama pattern by McCalls (2950) which features (Easy Endless) options to make full-length men’s PJs, short PJs, a rather dashing unisex night-shirt and the most incredible patterns to make some matching booties and hat. Oh how I would’ve loved to have sewn my almost-husband a wee-willie-winkie style nightcap! Alas, he wouldn’t let me… I actually picked up this pattern for £1 in my local charity shop as a bit of a ‘vintage’ find.

The fabric for this project came all the way from Goldhawke Road in London, via the lovely lady that is Wendy from Wendy Bernstead costumes. She heard my plea on Twitter for help finding some super-soft PJ-style fabric and immediately rushed to my aid. She was an absolute star in getting hold of this paisley winceyette for me – all 5m of it! That’s the problem when your other half is 6ft6…

men's pyjamas mccalls 2950

I had to make an awful lot of tweaks to this pattern in order to get the PJs to fit – the recipient is super tall and super skinny, so darts and tucks were essential! I also added a cuff to the sleeves and the trouser legs to lengthen them a bit. I used entirely French seams when sewing the PJs together so that there aren’t any bits that will fray or rip when my other half inevitably leaves them lying on the floor and trips over them 😉 What do you reckon?


11 thoughts on “Men’s Paisley PJs

  1. I love paisley in all its forms, and in winceyette/flannel, it is even better. He might need a fleecy dressing gown as well in Iceland! They look like a perfect fit for Mr Tall.
    How did you resist the night shirt pattern?!
    I have a Wee Willie Winky nightcap pattern but in a knitted form. Unfortunately, when I tried to knit it (in a different yarn form the pattern, admittedly), it looked a bit like a nipple-shaped hat, so I unravelled the point and reshaped it as a standard beanie. Sad, really. I think my stepfather would have seen the humour.


    • Hahahaha that made me laugh! I suppose I could always save the nightshirt version for myself and try to make it a bit more fitted and ‘feminine’ ha. And don’t encourage the dressing gown idea – he already mentioned that to me this morning and I said no chance! 🙂


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