Looking Back at My 2014 Sewing Projects!

Well this year has flown by, hasn’t it? I don’t know whether it’s something about being ‘older’, not being at school or planning for a wedding, but there’s got to be something in the water – just where have all the months gone? As an almost-end-of-year celebration I thought I’d do a little round up of the things I’ve accomplished well, and not so well, in 2014. Just look at how busy I’ve been! (scroll down to see the links to each make!)

completed 2014 sewing projects

1. DIY Bunting Cushion
2. Re-covered Piano Stool
3. Liberty Print T-Shirt (New Look 6895)
4. Sewing Bee Sleeveless Top Challenge (New Look 6483)
5. Applique London Cushion
6. Heart Bunting
7. Luxury Satin Kimono (Burda 7297)
8. Aztec Print Coco Dress
9. Engagement Bunting
10. Lickswishy Sweets Lampshade
11. Gingham Dress (Simplicity 6022)
12. Sewing Bee Circle Skirt
13. Handmade Wedding Invitations
14. Knitted Union Jack Cushion
15. Bunny Rabbit Baby Booties
16. Liberty Print Sunglasses Case
17. Satin Pyjama Set (Vogue 7837)
18. Beach Cover Up Mathilde
19. Liberty Print Party Dress (New Look 6243)
20. Betty Draper Tie Blouse (Burda 6924)
21. Layered Summer Skirt (Simplicity 1663)
22. Striped Coco Dress
23. Seersucker Margot PJs
24. Baroque Print Megan Dress
25. Liberty Print Dress (New Look 6263)
26. Felt Kittens
27. Christmas Reindeer Coco Dress
28. Wedding Flower Bunting
29. Tilda Floral Dress (Vogue 8764)
30. Christmas Woodland Bunting

And to think there are still 2 months to go before the end of the year! Here’s a round-up of my WIPs that I hope to complete before 2015 rolls around…what have you done this year?

upcoming projects


8 thoughts on “Looking Back at My 2014 Sewing Projects!

  1. Wow Louise, so many excellent projects. I love looking back at my achievements over the year. It’s a really nice feeling. I also have Bleuet in my collection, but not sure I’ll get round to it before 2014 is up. and are you a Mrs yet? …


    • Thank you! I can’t believe I’ve made so many things! My Bleuet is a WIP – I’ve sewn all the panels together and then got distracted by something else, haha. And no, not quite a Mrs yet – I will be in 3 weeks though! x


  2. Wow, you’ve had a productive year 🙂 I think you like blue?
    What a nice girly collage 🙂 I might do something similar to view my sewing achievements actually… Thanks for the idea!!


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