Vogue 8764 Floral Dress for White Tree Fabrics

Oh how I wish this dress had turned out better. The pattern, V8764, is for a 3/4 length sleeve dress with an a-line skirt, invisible back zipper, top-stitching and lovely little V detail atΒ the neckline – I love the illustration on the envelope, it looks so elegant! Such a great looking dress for work, tea parties and trips to the shops don’t you think?

v8764 vogue tilda white tree fabrics dress

The fabric I used is a Tilda Martine cotton in blue/grey from White Tree Fabrics – you can find it here. (Don’t forget to enter the code ‘SEWSENSATIONAL’ at the checkout too for a hefty 20% off and free delivery!) It’s a lovely cotton fabric to sew with – very soft and flowy and doesn’t fray. I love the little ditsy floral print too, it’s very dainty and perfect for a tea dress like this. The dress also has a lining in the bodice and the skirt making it feel like a very luxurious garment. I’ve never sewn a proper lining before so it was great to learn how it’s done!

Now, here’s my problem with this pattern – whilst it’s full of loveliness, it’s also wayyyy too big for little people like me. I cut the pattern to the smallest size and, due to all the seams and lining and top-stitching, didn’t find myself with a lot of opportunity for fitting until it was too late! The length isn’t a problem to alter and the waist fits ok (perhaps adding some belt loops would solve this further!) but that neckline. I just cannot deal with that neckline! Maybe it’s because I’m quite petite, but it’s so wide on me and gapes horrendously at the front. It’s making me a bit sad because I do really like the dress and the fabric – if the top was more fitted/had a higher neck then I dare say it’d become one of my go-to dresses. I’m not sure I can edit it without re-cutting my pattern pieces now that I’ve attached the lining and zip and top-stitched around the neck. What do you reckon?

vogue v8764 tilda lawn dress

That’s not to say that this dress will turn out badly for everyone though – I did a quick online search and found some great examples of people who have done a much better job – take a look!


20 thoughts on “Vogue 8764 Floral Dress for White Tree Fabrics

  1. Interesting – I have often had trouble with Vogue patterns turning out to be huge, to the point where I rarely make them any more. But – would this one feel better to you if you wore a t shirt or turtleneck under it? Not what you had in mind,, but maybe the gaping at the neck would feel differently?


    • How odd – I wonder if Vogue just have some serious fitting issues for small people? I even made the tiniest size and chose the tiniest chest-size in the ‘best fit’ options. A turtle neck underneath is an idea, though I think it’d still annoy me, haha! Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚


  2. I have a similar quandary with a Vogue dress that I actually did try on before attaching the lining that has still turned out too big. My instinctive advice to you was that whatever was sewn can be unsewn, but I’m not sure exactly how much appetite I have for that with my own dress! It’s disheartening isn’t it and yeah I know it’s all part of the learning process yada yada yada, but I just want it to fit perfectly first time goddammit!


    • Yeah, I get you completely! Especially when you’ve spent so long making it, to have to unpick and re-cut is the last thing you want to do… might just pop it in the charity bag for another lucky recipient! I’m certain I’ll never get round to editing it, haha. You live and learn!


  3. I’m sad that your dress didn’t turn out the way you wanted, but thanks for including the link to my attempt! Could you put a pretty fastener or a pin or something at the top to stop if gaping? xx


  4. You should read Gerties book for better sewing and find out how to do a SBA (small bust adjustment) my friend at ‘There she sews’ (there are two like that) does them all to time because she is teeny weeny just like you. There is also a great section on fitting and measuring. My garments have improved in fit ten fold since I read it. Pop it on your Christmas list.Hope that helps.But with that one I will go with the other comenter and go for thick tights and a roll neck underneath with boots and have it as an Autumn/winter version.

    If it was mine I would take out the zip, cut off the top and add a waist band and turn it into a skirt if the waist is a good fit but have some wallowing time first, then re-visit it in the new year when you are too skint to buy fabric!! Jo xx


    • Haha I’m not going to lie – it may have already made it’s way to the bag of donations! A little sad but I know it’s more likely to fit somebody else than me ever getting round to altering it!


  5. I feel your pain Louise, as Jo from Three Stories High has said, this is a permanent problem for me. I’m slowly getting to grips with the alterations that I need but they are alterations that can really only be done on the flat pattern. I generally need an sba and a small shoulder adjustment. They are much less daunting than the sound… honest! Good luck and if you want any help / guidance let me know πŸ™‚


    • Thank you! I suppose it’s a case of try and try again! At least I’ve now learnt the adjustments to make in future – perhaps this is evidence that I should make up a toile beforehand too (something I’ve never bothered with!). I seem to have a lot fewer problems with other pattern companies so something to bear in mind for future Vogue makes. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚


  6. Sigh. I always have this problem, too, and I don’t always catch it early enough to fix it. You could try hand sewing some wide lace around the neck edge to bring it in a bit. Or if you wanted to go full girly-girl, you could add add some netting to the neckline and gather it into a band around your neck.

    Hope you can find an easy solution that works for you!


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