Mint Seersucker Margot Pyjamas

margot pyjama trousers from love at first stitchCan you call a pair of pyjama bottoms a ‘dressmaking’ project? This project is the first garment in Tilly’s lovely ‘Love at First Stitch’ book and is designed to be an introduction to sewing your own clothes. The steps for sewing the trousers (or shorts) together are simple and littered with little how-to’s and picture diagrams of what should go where. As a now somewhat seasoned sewist, following this pattern was a doddle, perhaps only made difficult by having to weed out the actual instructions from all the ‘beginners sewing tips’!

I used a lovely minty green striped seersucker fabric from Minerva Crafts for my pyjamas – this was actually the only fabric I bought from the Meet Up back in June! It’s lovely and soft and doesn’t really need ironing, making it perfect pyjama material – especially if you’re a bit of a fidgeter or, as Tilly puts it, like to do pilates in your PJs!

seersucker margot pyjamas, tilly and the buttonsThe instructions say that you can make a matching waist-tie for your Margot pyjamas using the same fabic, but I decided to use a piece of contrasting pink ribbon. There’s something about mint green and bright pink that just seems to work quite well! I also went a bit off-piste and added some elastic into my waistband as I wasn’t convinced that the ribbon would hold out. I made the size 3 by the way and they’re quite roomy, even though the pattern measurements are (supposedly) precisely my size.

margot seersucker PJs from Love at First StitchI don’t think I’ve got much else to say about this pattern as it’s so basic – my Margots went pretty much from paper pattern to ready-to-wear in a couple of hours. Have you made the Margot PJs? How did you find it?


17 thoughts on “Mint Seersucker Margot Pyjamas

  1. I never thought about how we use ‘dressmaking’ as a term to describe making clothes of all sorts.
    Seersucker would be a great summer PJ fabric: comfy and no need to iron.
    I work from home so could work in my PJs! I don’t, but I could. πŸ™‚


    • I’d love to work in my PJs, haha! I’ve never worked with seersucker before but have always been intrigued by it – I love the whole ‘no need to iron’ bit about it!


  2. I remember you buying this fabric! They look ‘sew’ comfy!
    BTW I picked up ‘Love Sewing’ mag this weekend. (Great mag BTW). There was a whole interview with Vicki (Minerva). Did you see it? You can just make the 2 of us out in the photos!!!!


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