Blogger Network #6 – Liberty Print Summer Dress

simplicity new look 6263 dressIt’s August! It’s sunny! That means a summer dress must be made. For my August Minerva Crafts project I decided to make the Simplicity/New Look 6263 a-line dress. It has a nice floaty shape, no sleeves, a fancy round neck and a keyhole feature on the front – which sounds perfect for hot summer days.

Now, here’s my confession – I really fell out with this dress whilst I was making it. The fabric is absolutely lovely (Liberty don’t you know – it’s the same one I used for my Meet Up Party Dress but in a different colourway). The pattern is simple but challenging (that round neckline caused me a little bit of pain). So why don’t I love this dress?

There’s just something about this dress that just doesn’t feel or look right – I didn’t make the neckline taught enough, I made the topΒ too wide, the shape is really unflattering on me… I’m really struggling to pull any positives from this make aside from the fab fabric! I mean, it looks good on the hanger… just not on me.

simplicity/ new look 6263 a-line dress in liberty print

I think this pattern, whilst lovely on the pattern envelope, is just all wrong. The keyhole looks quite good, I’m happy with the neatness of the curved seams, my bias binding round the armholes turned out ok. Even the length is right. But you can’t make awesome clothes every time you try, right guys? This one might just head to the ‘to-be-recycled’ pile… 😦

Now, show me your sewing fails! I can’t be the only one who’s made something that looks great on paper but terrible in real life…


19 thoughts on “Blogger Network #6 – Liberty Print Summer Dress

  1. On the hanger it looks good, but yes, you are completely right about now being able to make everything completely awesome it’s just too tiring! Don’t be sad about it, it still counts as experience πŸ™‚


  2. It looks good! Shame to give up on it. Can you add some darts and try to adjust the fit?? I know exactly how you feel! All that effort and then you look in the mirror and don’t like it!!! I know it’s a fiddle to adjust things but it’s always worth a try especially if you like the fabric. πŸ™‚


  3. I have made a lot of homemade clothes exactly as you describe. The fabric was beautiful. I did a good job and finished the garment well. It fit right. I looked like a fright in it. It went to the op shop.
    Knits have been unravelled and reknit into cushions and blankets.
    These experiences are a big part of why I now mostly make quilts and household things instead of clothes. It is only after I have cut everything out that I get to try it on and see how big it makes my bum look! πŸ™‚
    You are not alone. Hang in there as your successes far outweigh this one fail.


    • Haha I love that it’s not just me πŸ™‚ I donated a few of my homemade things to charity yesterday actually – the ones I’ve made and just never worn. It’s all a good learning experience though! Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚


  4. Oh no! I think it looks beautiful on the hanger! I’m sure you’ll work out how to fix it soon (such a sewing genius!). I have LOTS of fails, but they are definitely getting fewer as I am realising what actually suits me… And all that cut up fabric makes for lots of pocket linings & pillow stuffing (so I can alter them as I feel motivated)!


  5. Don’t give up on it yet- especially with so much Liberty on the line!

    Maybe a belt would help out with giving a bit more shaping on it– and maybe even change the color of the neckline for a bit more visual interest. I love the cut out on it– it definitely has potential!


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