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First up, thanks very much to Leanne at Knit Me a Cake for passing the Blog Hop baton onto me! If you’ve not heard about it before, a Blog Hop is simply a chance for bloggers to do a little presentation on why they choose to write and then showcase a couple of their favourite blogs for the rest of the world to discover too. I’m honoured that Leanne picked me – her blog is wonderful to read so do go and give her a visit! (She’s also the face behind the bunny baby booties I made a little while back!) So grab a cup of tea (coffee is also acceptable) and have yourself a little delve into my mind…

sewing booksWhy do I write?
Writer by day, writer by night – writing is what I do! I have a degree in English Language and Linguistics and as a child always loved to write stories, poems, magazines, quizzes… I’m that person who reads a book a week and has the ability to scribe an entire novel without the need to edit. Words just come naturally to me, and blogging seemed like the perfect fit! Why do I write a sewing blog? I initially started this blog to keep a personal track of my sewing projects. I never intended it to become such a big part of my life! After attending the Minerva Crafts Meet Up back in June I think I’ve finally learnt why I blog: I blog because it allows me to meet and interact with other, like-minded people. I love to talk to you all!

What am I working on?
I’m currently working on about 17 different projects. Don’t look at me like that – we all have a cupboard full of WIPs, don’t we?! To name a few, I’m making a pair of Margot PJ bottoms from the Tilly and the Buttons book, a Deer and Doe Bleut shirt dress, some fabric flower bunting for my wedding, a fair isle knitted jumper, a striped cotton knitted jumper, some felted Christmas decorations, a chunky-knit beanbag foot rest, table decorations for my wedding… I’ll stop there.
sewing patternsHow does it differ from others of its genre?
Everyone likes to think that they’re unique, but I’m sure my blog is pretty similar to all other sewing blogs out there! What makes me different? Perhaps the fact I do all sorts of projects – dressmaking, knitting, homewares, crafts… I also like to think I’m quite conversational 🙂

threadsHow does my writing process work?
I’m not one for writing a ‘draft’; I literally open a new page, type lots and there we have a finished post! I’m super lucky that I don’t have to edit my work for hours like some people do. I was the same at school – remember when teachers always told you to ‘plan’ your essay before you started writing it? Nope, not for me. I generally write my blog posts during the week and then schedule them to go live at the weekend. I always try to post every week and I very rarely miss that target! I often feel guilty when I do, though… I always have a stack of projects lined up, too, so I can look ahead at what I’ve got coming up/have nearly finished, and then will write about them accordingly. It’s a system that seems to work pretty well.

My nominations:

Well, thanks for listening, and I’m now passing the Blog Hop baton onto two of my favourite sewing bloggers! Check back on their blogs in a week’s time to see their answers to the Blog Hop questions. In the meantime, go and pay them a visit and lose a few hours scrolling back through all their lovely posts 🙂

almond rock1. Amy from Almond Rock – I looooove Amy’s blog. She does lots of dressmaking and uses some very pretty prints! Amy’s also a fellow Minerva and White Tree blogger, as well as living around the corner from me, so we’re often crossing paths all over the place.

barmy beetroot2. Amy from Barmy Beetroot – Another Amy and another fab blogger who lives local to me! Amy’s blog is great fun – she’s got a great sense of humour and makes all sorts of fabulous things for her and her son. Have a look!


17 thoughts on “The Blog Hop!

  1. Interesting post. 17 projects sounds scary! I have the same degree as you, but don’t consider myself much of a writer. I lack the creativity. Wish I did have it. Instead, I’m a ‘corrector’; I annoy friends and family by constantly correcting their speech or writing. Just as well I’m an Editor by job, I get paid to do what comes naturally!


    • haha oh I’m also a corrector! I write/edit/proofread in my day job so I’m very familiar with correcting everyone too 😉 thanks for your comment! It’s nice to know others that have the same degree – that aren’t many of us around 🙂


  2. Hi Louise, Thanks for nominating me! I’m having a lot of fun working on my post. I loved reading about your background and learning more about you. I am very envious of your command of the English language, II spend ages proof reading mine, and I’m sure I still make silly mistakes!


  3. Hmm, 17 projects on the go… wowsa! I’m almost scared to count mine, although at the moment I’m only working on two (one during the week and one at the weekend), with a third one for when I get bored of the weekend project…what? It makes perfect sense 😛


  4. Woah! At first I thought seventeen projects sounded a lot & then I started thinking about how many I had… 😉 You sound like such a sweet person & I am so impressed with your weekly posting (so disciplined!).


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