Blogger Network #5 – Betty Draper Gingham Blouse

burda 6924 gingham blouseJust recently, and perhaps a bit late to the game, my fiancé and I have spent night after night after night watching back-to-back episodes of Mad Men. I’d already seen the first couple of seasons a few years ago but, aside from lusting over the outfits, had got a bit lost with it – until now! I’ve always kept an eye on the Julia Bobbin Mad Men Challenges that keep appearing over the internet (if you’ve not seen them, be sure to check out the entries, they’re incredible) and thought that it was about time I had a go myself – but on a smaller scale!

So, for this month’s Minerva Blogger Network post, I decided to have a go at making a Betty Draper inspired blouse. Does anyone remember the little yellow gingham number that Betty’s been seen to wear in various episodes during seasons 2 and 3?

betty draper gingham blouse burda 6924

If you want to sew along with me then you can get hold of the blouse pattern here and the yellow gingham fabric here. They’re both super cheap too!

The blouse I made uses the Burda 6924 sewing pattern for a knotted tie blouse. I chose to make view A, which is the version without sleeves, to make it look more like Betty’s! And this is the first time I’ve ever sewn a collar, so I was a little hesitant and I had to get very friendly with my seam ripper (don’t look at me like that, we’ve all been there).

betty draper yellow gingham blouse burda 6924

The finished blouse is actually a lot better than I had imagined! When you’re constantly unpicking and re-stitching your work, you often give up a little, but half-heartedly yet gallantly continue to sew anyway. And I’m so glad I did. My finished gingham blouse fits perfectly and is definitely something I’ll wear on holiday or on a sunny weekend. Check out my marvellously squinty pictures too – it’s definitely a garment that looks best in bright sunshine!

28 thoughts on “Blogger Network #5 – Betty Draper Gingham Blouse

  1. I would love to sew along with you but I can’t find ‘The Kit” anywhere on Minerva, having said, it has been the same for months, the cocktail fabric as the first item.
    Is it actually on the site as a kit, other wise I shall just buy the pattern and some fabric separately.


  2. How cute, never seen mad men – not sure i should…only that i know it would increase my ever sew long to do list- fatal when i watch the notebook!! Have some green gingham left over from daughter’s summer school uniform so could be joining you – lovely make and colour 😉


    • thank you! Mad Men is brilliant – even if just for the outfits. It’s a great source of inspiration! Would love to see your finished blouse if you get round to it 🙂


  3. I love mad men, especially betty (she is totally underrated) and I love your top, its so fresh and summery. I’m going to have a look for that kit 🙂


    • thank you! I’m not sure yellow is really my colour… but this one seems to look ok in the sunshine at least! definitely get yourself into Mad Men – you won’t regret it.


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