Bonjour Mathilde!

stripy mathildeVoila, my very first stripy Mathilde blouse! Very French, non? And perfect for the beach! After Tilly released her very first printed pattern – the Coco dress – I was absolutely hooked by her beautiful designs. The patterns are so lovely to hold, made of lovely thick paper and come with a gorgeous colour ‘how-to’ booklet which is super helpful for sewing your garments together. I can’t stress enough just how great these patterns are – for beginners as well as seasoned sewists.

Anyhow, I digress…. I was on holiday in Paris the other week and picked up a few bits and pieces from the myriad of fabric shops by the Sacre Coeur, including this very lightweight nautical-style cotton. Using this fabric to make it seemed like a no-brainer. As soon as I’d brought the fabric back to our Parisian apartment I just KNEW this was meant to be.

striped mathilde blouse

The Mathilde pattern is really good fun to make and you learn a lot of dressmaking techniques as you complete each stage (including how to do French seams!). I made one of the smallest sizes because I’d heard rumours about it being a bit ‘roomy’ and I’m currently not confident enough to start editing pattern sizes according to my personal measurements! If anyone knows of an easy way to learn pattern-fitting, please do let me know.

mathilde2So here’s my finished Mathilde – I’m not sure I’ve seen a striped Mathilde before so perhaps this is a first! What do you reckon? I plan to use it as a ‘beach cover-up’ blouse because of the lightweight, semi-see-through fabric and the nautical-knot style silver buttons. It’s practically screaming out for a summer holiday in Greece/Italy/the South of France so that I can keep my very fair skin covered whilst also keeping cool. Perhaps not appropriate for my honeymoon in Iceland!

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28 thoughts on “Bonjour Mathilde!

  1. Nice! I found Lynda Maynards fitting course on Craftsy really useful. Even if you don’t make the dress that she teaches it with you’ll still learn a lot of fit adjustments.


  2. that is a beautiful top, absolutely well done! it suits you really well as well 🙂 i was just in Paris last week for a short city break myself 😀 I found a tonne of bead shops close to l’hotel d’invalides, but no fabric shops! tres jealous 😉 well done! jenny xx


    • thank you so much! Paris is a bit of a treasure trove when it comes to haberdasheries/ fabric shops. I found an amazing button shop once but have no idea where it was to be able to find it again! I think that calls for another trip to find out 😉


  3. Honeymoon in Iceland? I am SO jealous! Also your Mathilde looks so fantastic! I tried making it but the style really didn’t suit me – it definitely suits you though! Can we swap lives for a bit?! 😉


    • yes! we wanted to go somewhere a bit different and also somewhere that we’d probably never go to again so it’d always be known as our honeymoon country 🙂 and you live in Singapore, right? I’d be happy to do a house swap for a couple of weeks! then I could wear my Mathilde whilst dodging the sun over there! 🙂


  4. I love this blouse, the buttons you have used go really well. I’m still a beginner and have only just made my first piece so button holes are a bit ambitious at the minute, but I think this is a definite future make!! X


    • thank you! don’t be afraid of button holes – they’re much easier than you think 🙂 do lots of practice using your machine on some scrap fabric until you get the hang of it – that’s what I do!


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