Blogger Network #4 – Mystery Party Dress!

For our June Minerva Blogger Network projects, me and the rest of the Minerva network team were given a fairly exciting brief: make an outfit to wear to a celebration but keep it secret! We were allowed to choose any pattern, any fabric and any notions that we liked on the premise that we don’t tell a soul until the weekend of June 14th when we all attend the Minerva Crafts Meet-Up (are you coming? tell me you’re coming!).

So, for my June post, all I can share with you is a few photos of what might be…. (is that Liberty lawn I can see?)…. for the completed project you’ll have to hang on a couple of weeks for the Big Reveal. I can’t wait to show you – this is possibly my most amazing sewing project to date!


Oh and don’t forget to enter my Simplicity Sewing Book giveaway if you live in the UK and haven’t already taken part! I’m accepting entries until Friday 6th June so you’ve still got time!


10 thoughts on “Blogger Network #4 – Mystery Party Dress!

    • haha oh you have NO IDEA how much I battle with zips normally! This is the first invisible zip that I’ve ever inserted correctly first time around – normally there’s a lot of unpicking involved because I’ve sewn it in back to front! Thank you for your comment 🙂


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