Bridesmaids’ Personalised Coat-Hangers!

monogrammed bridesmaid coat hangersI honestly think that Pinterest may by the be-all and end-all for wedding inspiration. Whilst Pinning away on my (secret) wedding board, I came across this great idea for personalised coat hangers for bridesmaids, and knew that it was just too good to miss.

I’ve chosen three lovely ladies to be my bridesmaids this November – my younger sisters Emma and Charlotte and my young cousin Lauren. They’re all petite and blonde and beautiful and I can’t wait to dress them up in their pretty red dresses!

And the best thing is that this personalised wedding project is really very simple. All you need is some wooden coat hangers, a thin paintbrush and some acrylic paints (mine were a bargain on eBay and were perfect for the job!)

personalised coat hangers

Now I just wish that I’d made one for myself. Perhaps I can use the leftover paint to personalise every hanger in my wardrobe at home?! I could give all my dresses names, or paint each hanger with different flowers…. alright, now I’m getting carried away 😉 what do you reckon?


8 thoughts on “Bridesmaids’ Personalised Coat-Hangers!

  1. I know what you mean! I’ve had far too much fun with secret wedding-planning boards, and it is not even my wedding. It is my stepdaughter’s!
    I think you might need your own hanger. They are so pretty! Or, you could sew dress/suit bags for your dress and the hubby’s suit.


    • haha I love that you’ve done all that for someone else’s wedding 🙂 and I’m starting to think that I definitely need my own hanger…. love the dress bag idea though!


  2. what a wonderful idea! thanks for sharing, I’m pinning lots of ideas to try and make my wedding (whever it may be, OH has to graduate first!) as personalised as I can and your recent posts are really helping ti inspire me 🙂 it is a really classy idea and you’ve made them look fantastic


    • thank you and no worries! I agree that handmade weddings are a great idea and so much more personal but, be warned, they take an awful lot of time haha! I have boxes full of projects that need starting…. 6 months to go! x


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