Handmade Wedding Invitations

handmade wedding invitationsToday’s post takes a step away from my usual goings-on and instead focusses on my wedding invitations! I’ve spent hours and hours (and hours) making them for all my lovely guests and even got featured in the latest issue 71Β of PaperCrafter magazine – yay! I’ll definitely be tearing out that page for my wedding scrapbook (see image below for the feature and check out their website here!).

Anyone who has made their own invitations before will know that it can be a very lengthy process. My day-time invites have a lot of components to them, too, so it took even longer. Save the dates, handwritten menus and RSVP cards, anyone? However, I do love the finished result…. even if a few of them do look a little more ‘handmade’ than I was aiming for…

my handmade alice in wonderland wedding invitations

Our colour theme is red and white – partly because our wedding is near to Christmas and partly because it just looks nice – so I used those colours as a base for my invites. I also chose to introduce a subtle ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme, as both my fiancΓ© and I both love the book and the animation, and it fits in perfectly with the red and white. Notice how I’ve used playing cards for my RSVPs and for the design on the front?

Papercrafter issue 71, wedding invites

The materials I used to make my invitations all came from independent sellers on eBay, Amazon and my own lifelong personal stash – who knew you could collect so much ribbon over the years?! They probably cost me a fifth of what the price would’ve been should I have had them made professionally. I love how making invitations yourself means that you can come up with a totally unique design, too!

So what do you think? Have you ever made wedding invites for yourself or someone else? I have a few more wedding-themed blog posts lined up too so keep an eye out for more handmade wedding ideas πŸ™‚