Blogger Network #2 – Sewing Bee Circle Skirt

Sewing Bee circle skirtEveryone who is anyone in the world of sewing is hooked by the Sewing Bee this year – and with the final creeping up on us this Tuesday, what better time than to make something from the GBSB book! For my 2nd Minerva Blogger Network post I decided to make this circle skirt from the first Sewing Bee book and, after initial reservations about it being a bit too swishy, I now absolutely love it! (This may or may not also have something to do with the fact that we’ve been watching Mad Men back-to-back recently and I’ve been obsessing over Betty Draper’s delightful wardrobe).

sewing bee circle skirt buttons and zipThis skirt really is fabulous to make – it’s made up of two huge semi circles and a waistband and sews together in no time at all. It’s great for someone new to dressmaking. The only tricky bits include inserting an invisible zipper (see the Colette blog for help with this!) and creating button holes . If you’re a bit wobbly with these skills then practice on some scrap fabric first until you get it neat enough for the real thing!

I also found that, due to my petite height, I had to chop off about 8 inches from the hem to bring the skirt above my knee. I know the ‘midi’ skirt is so on trend right now but it just looks so wrong on a person of my stature. Anyhow, not to worry…

gbsb circle skirt

The fabric I used for the skirt is a lovely, swishy, swirly denim-coloured chambray. It’s so soft and perfect for this kind of garment! If you fancy making over your own wardrobe, Mad Men Style, then you can buy the chambray fabric for the skirt right here. Do you like it?

Aside from hacking off the length, I think the only edit I’ll make to this pattern is to try and add some belt loops to the waistband. I didn’t measure it properly when I was sewing and it’s about an inch too big around my middle – does anyone have any good tips/tutorials for adding belt loops post-completion?


15 thoughts on “Blogger Network #2 – Sewing Bee Circle Skirt

    • haha thank you! I never thought that this shape worked on me either, but the more I look at it the more I get used to the silhouette. It’s definitely better with a shorter length! We would never have survived living in the 60s 🙂


  1. I totally have that problem where midi skirts don’t look good on me (Tall girls have all the luck I guess) as far as your belt loop question yes I have an idea that I’ve used on dresses before. Take embroidery floss the same color as the skirt and add loops into the side seams. They nearly disappear into the skirt but are enough to hold in a skinny belt. (You might need to loop around a few times).


  2. Very pretty! I’d want to twirl and twirl all day! That fabric looks a lovely weight as well. I might have to have a go at making one of these. Then I’d wear it over leggins so I could still charge round after my toddler!


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