Roald Dahl Lickswishy Sweets Lampshade

Roald Dahl lampshade making kitYes, you read that title correctly – I’ve made a lampshade covered in Roald Dahl sweetie fabric! When the lovely folks over at Elephant in My Handbag got in their range of Roald Dahl fabrics I knew that I just HAD to make something fun. I love Roald Dahl and I absolutely love the new range of Quentin Blake-designed fabrics that have been popping up around the internet. Don’t believe me? Go and have a roald dahl charlie and the chocolate factory lickswishy sweets fabriclook at the range available –  you’ll be convinced!

After a few hours (days) of contemplation, I decided upon the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ‘Lickswishy Sweets’ design – isn’t it great?! I mean, just say ‘Lickswishy’ a few times out loud, right now. It’s fantastic. Anyway, if sweets aren’t your thing, have a look at the awesome Matilda  fabric  or the fabulous Fantastic Mr Fox designs. I think I love them all.

The lampshade kit that I used for my project is from Need Craft, and one that I actually won in a competition last year (!!). You can also buy similar kits at Elephant in My Handbag right here. The kit I used is a 40cm drum lampshade and the box comes with everything that you need (aside from the fabric) to make your lampshade from scratch. And it’s surprisingly easy too! Here are a few pics of the process:

roald dahl fabric diy lampshade

What do you think of my finished Roald Dahl lampshade? It matches my blue bedroom perfectly (despite what my other half says!) Now show me your own Roald Dahl creations!

Oh and here a few tips for DIY lampshade making: make sure you have LOTS of space, don’t be afraid of everything getting stuck to everything else and definitely DON’T break the lightbulb when you’re changing the shade for photographs: it hurts and you’ll need a bandage!


11 thoughts on “Roald Dahl Lickswishy Sweets Lampshade

    • haha my hand is very much recovering thank you! The fabric’s are really lovely – I also love the James and the Giant Peach one that’s cream coloured and just covered in lots and lots of orange peaches! I would never have considered lampshade making before if I hadn’t won this kit – it’s so much easier than you’d think and means you can make everything in your house match 🙂


  1. Ohmygush what a perfect find – I really want to work with the squibbling mr fox fabric but need a decent excuse to buy it! I have a feeling a selection of the Roald Dahl fabrics will make a gorgeous set of bunting to go above my bookshelf – I need to convince my fiancé though…. 😉 your lampshade is marvellous too I will put it on my future project lists for sure!!


    • Oh I love that Fantastic Mr Fox one! And bunting sounds like an amazing idea…. I wouldn’t worry about your fiance, mine had no choice in the matter haha! Thank you for your kind words!


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