My First Tilly & the Buttons Coco Dress!

tilly and the buttons coco dressYay! I finally made my Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress! This pattern is absolutely beautiful and so simple to make, too. I was a bit sceptical at first as I watched people all over Twitter declaring that they’d whipped their dresses up in an afternoon…. but now that I’ve managed just that myself, I’m proud to be #sewingcoco with the rest of you!

I made the size ‘3’ pattern and chose to do the long sleeves and plain neckline variation. I also shortened the hem by about 4 inches (I’m 5’3 and like my dresses to be above the knee) but this was very easy to do and Tilly gives you clear guidance on when and where to make the chop. I also added some little patch pockets to the front but you can hardly see them because my pattern matching is so brilliant (modest and proud).

tilly and the buttons coco dress #sewingcoco

I’ll definitely be making another Coco – next time I’ll perhaps take a couple of inches out of the top width and do cropped sleeves too. Have you made a Coco yet?

Oh and I’ve had a lot of you asking about the fabric – I used a lovely, double jersey from Minerva Crafts with an aztec print. It was only Β£4.99 a metre and feels fantastic!


26 thoughts on “My First Tilly & the Buttons Coco Dress!

    • haha I’ve seen several versions of this dress/top this week too! I love Tilly’s blog so bought the pattern as soon as it became available… it’s printed on proper paper too, rather than thin tissue, so it’s easily going to become one I’ll use again. I definitely recommend it if you’re feeling a bit rusty with the dressmaking skills too πŸ™‚


      • Yes I think you’re right! I’m quite petite too and it fits me fairly well – I just had to shorten it a bit and would probably take a couple of inches out the top next time, but it really is lovely.


  1. I love it, looks very cosy – I bought the pattern a few weeks ago and I’m yet to get started, partly due to the fact I’ve not found suitable fabric yet, so thank you for sharing your fabric source – I shall go check the website out now! : )


    • Thank you! I actually asked Minerva Crafts on Twitter as to which fabric they recommended for this – if you search for ‘ponte’ or ‘double jersey’ on their website they have a fair few to choose from! Good luck with yours, I’ll keep an eye out for it πŸ™‚


  2. Beautiful fabric! I’ve also seen tons of Cocos popping up everywhere, but I think I would die of heatstroke if I attempted to wear one here, so I’m really enjoying seeing everyone else’s versions. The dress looks so comfortable and that print suits you so well!


    • Thanks my dear! I think Tilly designed this pattern with the beginner dressmaker in mind and it really is as easy as it says on the packet! Even if you don’t feel confident following a proper pattern, this comes with lots of picture instructions so you can’t get stuck πŸ™‚ I’ll keep an eye out for a blog post! πŸ™‚


  3. I made my first coco top yesterday and was equally skeptical about the time people said they had sewn it in. Was nice to be proven wrong, especially as I was able to wear it to work today!
    I love the fabric you’ve used here – I think i’m going to forgo my fabric-buying ban and get some more jersey to make a second version!


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