Upcycled ‘Work in Progress’ Basket

diy work in progress basketJust a quick DIY post for you today! Hands up if you’re one of those people that has WIPs (Works in Progress) all over the place? I know I certainly am; there are half-finished garments hanging over the backs of chairs, from hangers on the door, knitting projects stuffed in carrier bags… and then there’s also the pile of fabric + patterns that I want to make but haven’t yet started. Aside from cluttering my house, having WIPs all over the place also seems to clutter my mind: I just have so much to do!

Last week I inherited this lovely basket from my other half’s family (it belonged to my Mr’s grandma) and thought that it would be absolutely perfect for holding my current WIP(s). It’s a great size and means that I can easily keep my pattern, fabric and notions all in the same place. Do you like it?

If you want to make a similar WIP basket for yourself, follow these simple steps:

diy ribbon handle project basket


13 thoughts on “Upcycled ‘Work in Progress’ Basket

  1. One of my many, many unfinished WIPs is a basket I bought at an op shop ($4!) that I intend to line with fabric and make into a sewing basket. I like the double-sided sticky tape idea on the handle!
    I have bags and baskets and boxes and drawers dotted around the house, each containing something half-finished. πŸ™‚


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