GBSB Series 2 Episode 4 – Dungarees and Prom Dress Patterns

GBSB dungareesEpisode 4 of the Great British Sewing Bee (series 2) challenged the sewers to make several things that I really have no intention to ever make…. at least in the near future. I neither have no children (yet) or no teenagers (yet) to hand, so this post is more of an episode round-up!

First up the contestants had to make some toddlers’ dungarees using heavy duty cotton or corduroy. For a beginner dressmaker this looked Burda 9464 dungareesquite intimidating! If you’re looking for instructions on how to sew a flat felled seam like in the episode then head over to the tutorial on the Colette Patterns website – it’s full of pictures and incredibly useful!

If you’re looking for a similar dungarees sewing pattern, try Burda 9464. It has shoulder buckles and buttons at the side, like the one the Sewing Bee contestants made, as well as a long-length version to keep those knees from grazing!

For heavy-duty fabric try cotton drill, corduroy or denim.

The final challenge was to sew a teenager’s prom dress – and once again Lynda won ‘garment of the week’ with her lovely, mini, embroidered, sweetheart neck creation!

Lynda's winning prom dress GBSB2Simplicity 4070If you fancy having a go at making your own version, the prom dress sewing pattern used by Lynda was McCalls M6646 which may need a few modifications if you want to make it yourself (note the frills!) If you want something similar and more simple, give the Simplicity 4070 prom dress a go that I’ve pictured here!

I’m not sure I’m quite ambitious enough to start making dresses like this but I’m sure many of you will now have children, nieces and cousins all wanting you to make them something for this summer’s prom!

For similar fabric to Lynda, try satin, dupion, taffeta or crepe and of course corset boning!

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10 thoughts on “GBSB Series 2 Episode 4 – Dungarees and Prom Dress Patterns

    • Yeah Cinelo has a real skill! I’m in awe of how she can draft patterns without having to use an actual pattern to cut around. And Lynda’s dress was lovely – nice to see something short too compared to all the others!


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