My Mum’s London Cushion

applique London cushionMy mum loves London. That’s a fact that anyone who knows her can confirm. My family don’t live there though, we live in Yorkshire, and pretty much always have done. Actually that’s a lie – my Dad had an apartment in Canary Wharf for several years whilst working in the Big Smoke, but it was never really ‘home’ because it was only him that moved there. It was more of a well-placed holiday home for the rest of us!

Anyway, it’s my mum’s birthday this weekend and although she’s swanned off to Paris (via London, of course), I made her this lovely London-themed cushion before she went away. London applique cushionWhat do you think?

The London print fabric that I used is from My Fabric House, sold in fat quarters here. It’s quite adorable and is covered in lots of tiny phone boxes, underground signs, British flags and vinyl discs (I can only assume by someone equally British, like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones). The fabric I used for the appliquΓ© letters is out of my stash, as is the homemade-Cath-Kidston-button-factory-button on the back.

This is yet another simple, envelope-closure cushion, although I did do some striped patchwork to make up the back rather than just using 2 pieces of fabric. The appliquΓ© letters are about 4″/10cm square and attached using iron-on Bondaweb and then London cushion back and applique close uphand-stitched around the edges. I’m really quite getting the hang of appliquΓ© now, albeit fairly simply designs still! I’m a lot more confident with graphic design than I am fiddly detail – sequins drive me nuts so you won’t often see those in my creations!

I’m sure my Mum will love the cushion and it should fit perfectly into their recently decorated living room. Let’s just hope she doesn’t come back from Paris with a love-affair for that city instead!


18 thoughts on “My Mum’s London Cushion

    • Ooh you should certainly do your best to get here then πŸ™‚ I suggest the summer months – the rest of the time we have a lot of rain and grey days! (although we get that in summer too, haha)


    • haha thanks grandma! My next project is the circle skirt from the Sewing Bee book – I’m hoping it’ll be a straightforward one but will let you know if I need a helping hand! x


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