Great British Sewing Bee Series 2 Episode 1 – Nightgown Patterns

The-Great-British-Sewing-Bee-JudgesLast night my Twitter feed went crazy as the first episode of series 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee hit our TV screens here in the UK. Despite achieving fairly poor ratings and reviews last year when the series premièred, the BBC have (rightly) chosen to bring the sewing contest back for the 2nd year – and 3rd year if the online call for applicants is anything to go by!

In this episode, the new contestants had to make items based on three of the most common fabrics we sewists generally have in our stashes – cotton, wool and silk. This included a sleeveless top each, the customisation of a long wool skirt and the request to create a unique silk nightgown for a real-life model (who, might I add, are not ‘model proportions’ but actual real-life women).

This episode seemed to spark a lot of interest in people looking to now go and make their own silk nightgowns, and why not?! So, to save you the trouble, I’ve rounded up the patterns used by some of the contestants to make their silk nightgowns. Let me know if you make one of them!

great british sewing bee simon nightgown vogue 7837

Simon’s shot silk dupion nightdress –Vogue V7837

greath british sewing bee tamara nightgown mccalls 5989

Tamara’s Babydoll nightgown – Mccalls M5989

great british sewing bee julie nightgown new look 6244

Julie’s Bias cut nightgown – New Look 6244

great british sewing bee cerina nightgown vogue 2859

Cerina’s bias cut nightgown – Vogue v2859

Chinelo and Jenni both drafted their own nightgown patterns (incredible!), with Jenni’s being based on the vintage Simplicity 3508 pattern, and Lynda, Heather and David moved so gosh-darn fast I couldn’t work out which patterns they were using, haha – if you spotted something I didn’t, get in touch!

Oh and one more thing – looking for the cotton sleeveless top pattern? This one from Simplicity/New Look is incredibly similar! I actually made it myself too  – see my GBSB challenge here.

great britsh sewing bee cotton sleeveless top

Great British Sewing Bee cotton sleeveless top pattern – New Look 6483

18 thoughts on “Great British Sewing Bee Series 2 Episode 1 – Nightgown Patterns

  1. I loved this first episode and was so pleased to see everyone return for week 2, when they all might have calmed down a bit.
    It’ll be really interesting to see how they all progress and how different talents come to the fore.
    I was so inspired to have a go.


    • It was definitely a challenging first episode! I was imagining myself in the same situation: sleeveless top – fine, editing a skirt – fine, making a silk gown – not so fine! I think you’re right about seeing them sew when their nerves have calmed – can’t wait to see what else they make this series 🙂


  2. Really enjoyed the first episode of the long awaited new series. I think this series will get better ratings and reviews. Although I consider myself an accomplished bag maker, I’m definitely a beginner where dressmaking is involved. Something I will begin challenging myself with, one of these days!


    • Yes – I understand what you mean! I feel pretty comfortable with cushions and things for the home but dressmaking is a whole new world! Perhaps by series 7 we’ll both be ready 😉


  3. Nope, I won’t even be considering making a silk nightgown! I have used similar springy fabrics in the past and know how difficult they are. I felt very sorry for them too.


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