Little Heart Bunting

liberty heart buntingSo it’s been a little while since I last updated my blog with my good news about joining the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network – I’m still here, crafting and stitching away (believe me, I have 6 draft blog posts ready to send out into the world over the next few weeks!) but things have got a bit hectic recently in my home life. Last weekend I lost a very well-loved member of my family in a tragic accident and, whilst I don’t want to dwell on it too much, I’d like to dedicate this post to him. So here’s to you, Simon, the best cousin I could ever have hoped for.

I think every seamstress has made a heart-shaped lavender bag or door-handle decoration at some point in their career – heck I’ve made so many I can now draw my heart template freehand. Here’s the knitted heart I made, and the string of felt hearts, and a fabric heart for my bedside table. I even made a Jemima Puddle Duck patterned lavender heart a while back.

This time I made some Liberty-print fabric heart bunting for my friend’s birthday, although I guess it could also be Valentine’s Day bunting if you wanted it to be!

liberty heart bunting

  1. If you’ve never made fabric hearts before, you’ll first need to make a heart template on paper (about 10cm high/wide) and cut out 2 for each fabric heart you want to make.
  2. You then pin the 2 hearts, with right sides together, and slip in a loop of ribbon at the top so that you can hang the heart up when it’s finished.
  3. Sew the hearts all the way around the edge (with a 5mm seam allowance) but leaving a little gap to turn the right way once you’re done.
  4. You can then stuff the heart with a bit of wadding and stitch up the gap. Easy!

To make the fabric hearts into bunting, I attached each loop onto a longer string of ribbon at regular intervals. It’d look lovely hung over a mirror or bedpost – I might make some for my own bedroom now!


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