Reupholstered Liberty Print Piano Stool

Liberty print piano stoolI love visiting Grandparents – you come home with all sorts of treasures – and this time was no exception! We recently came into possession of my Grandma’s old piano stool and, despite not yet owning a piano, we snapped it up so that Mr Stripey Scarf could feel a bit more professional whilst composing tunes at his keyboard.

The piano stool we received, however, was a little bit outdated and in much need of a makeover. With its mahogany wood and tired, unfashionable seat-cover, I decided to have my very first go at a bit of reupholstery!

Armed with only a staple gun and a piece of delightful, blue, car-print Liberty tana lawn fabric, here’s what I came up with! It really was very easy – you just need to unscrew the seat cover, neatly wrap the fabric round and staple it in place underneath, then screw the seat back on again. What do you think?

reupholstered Liberty print piano stool


12 thoughts on “Reupholstered Liberty Print Piano Stool

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