Appliqué Bunting Cushion

applique bunting cushionAnother year and another Grandma! Just before Christmas I made my very own Liberty print appliqué cushion for one of my Grandma’s Christmas presents. Not wanting to leave the other Grandmother out, however, I decided to make her one too as this weekend we’re off to a family dinner to celebrate her (whisper it) 80th birthday.

The white fabric I used for the cushion backing (an easy envelope closure) has an embossed leaf design and I believe is the same material my Grandma used to make her wedding dress with. I can’t deal with just how adorable this is, or the fact that she entrusted the fabric to me in the first place!

Anyhow, the bunting appliqué design was an idea from Pinterest. To make the bunting, I drew a triangle template about 3 inches high on baking parchment and simply traced around it a few times across some lovely patterned cottons. I then ironed some Bondaweb onto the back of the fabric before cutting the triangles out and applique bunting cushionironed them onto the backing fabric in a bunting-like arrangement.

I then hand-stitched all around each piece of bunting and did a simple running stitch to string each triangle together. I love the finished cushion – yet another item I’m desperately sad to part with, even though I know my lovely Grandma will love it! Has anyone else caught the appliqué bug recently?


14 thoughts on “Appliqué Bunting Cushion

  1. I love appliqué. It makes every make so unique. I want to find some time to practice my free hand machine embroidery soon. I’m envious of all the crafters that have cracked it.
    Lovely, lovely cushion. I’m positive she will love it.


    • Thank you and yeah, I love the uniqueness of everything too! I’ve not tried machine embroidery yet but I am also fairly envious of those who can. Maybe another new year’s resolution for us both 🙂


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