Knitted Eco-Friendly Dishcloths

dish cloth kitsIf you can cast your minds back to a few weeks ago, you’ll remember that I spent a sunny Saturday morning at Yarndale Knitting Festival in Skipton. Whilst I was there, and amongst many others, I visited this stall run by the lovely Fiona and Christine of Catch-e-Monkey and Rose Cottage Crafts and picked up my very own DIY Dishcloth kit!

The kit consists of a ball of cotton aran yarn, 5.5mm knitting needles and the instructions for how to knit 3 different dishcloths: one in garter stitch, one in linen stitch and one with a checkerboard effect. For a new-to-knitting beginner like myself this kit was perfect as it allowed me to create useful items very quickly as well as knitted dishclothspractice my knitting stitches at the same time!

The kits are available for just £6.50 and, although Catch-e-Monkey has no online shop, I’m sure that if you contact Fiona through Twitter or Facebook then she’d be happy to help.

What do you think of my finished dishcloths? Have you ever tried knitting something so simple yet so effective yourself? Now I just need to bring myself to actually use them for their intended purpose – there’s something inside me dreading the thought of them being used to wipe up tomato sauce!

9 thoughts on “Knitted Eco-Friendly Dishcloths

  1. I love my knitted dishcloths! I don’t enjoy making them quite as much but they do a really good job in the kitchen. I’ve found them sort of… slimy the first time I used them but that went away after the first use. Maybe there was some sort of sizing on the yarn that disappeared? I find their texture helps with the scrubbing but they’re still gentle.


  2. What a fabulous idea for a stall! I’ve crocheted quite a few of these with a softer cotton as face cloths and use them regularly but I know what you mean about using them around a working kitchen. A friends mum has one draped over her tap ‘just for show’. How mad is that! But I gather she has a house worthy of a magazine shot.


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