The Liberty Book of Simple Sewing: Book Review Part 2 – Patchwork Picture Frames

the Liberty book of Simple SewingTime for another project out of my new Liberty Book of Simple Sewing! Last week I made the Liberty print table mats, complete with cutlery pocket. This week I’ve made something completely different – patchwork picture frames!

OK – so this post is a little confusing: I’ve made something out of a sewing book that doesn’t actually involve any sewing. Sometimes it’s fun to shake it up a bit though, right? Plus these Liberty patchwork frames were just a bit too difficult to resist. And it involves a nice bit of recycling and using up those fiddly, small pieces of fabric that you don’t know what to do with otherwise…

Liberty Simple Sewing patchwork picture frames

To make the patchwork picture frames, you first need some old, wooden frames (the more intricate the detailing the better). I didn’t own anything that fit the description, so I headed into a local charity shop and picked up the 2 in the picture for about £3.50. Success!

The next step is to get out your PVA/decoupage glue and paintbrush. Cut your fabric into strips big enough to cover the frame, paint the frame with glue and then lay the fabric on, using your paintbrush to push it down into all the frame detailing. Repeat this according to the instructions in the book (pay attention to the corners!) and the end result is one lovely patchwork picture frame!

Liberty Book of Simple SewingI’ve hung the two I made in my powder blue bedroom as it really makes the colours stand out. I used a postcard I picked up in Paris for one frame and kept the embroidered garden-scene from the charity shop in the other (this wasn’t the original plan, but it’s signed by an old lady named Dorothy and I just couldn’t bear to throw it away! Plus it looks quite nice alongside the Liberty print…) What do you think? Is it something you’d like to try for yourself?

If you’re interested in buying the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing, published by Quadrille Craft, for yourself, the RRP is £20 but I hear Amazon stock it much cheaper! It’d make a great Christmas present for yourself…. sorry, I mean for your friend who loves sewing…


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