First-Time Folksy

postDespite being an avid crafter and cheerleader for the home-made, I’ve not once set foot in the handmade crafts website that is Folksy. Until this last week, that is. If you’ve not used Folksy before – it’s pretty much like the UK’s version of Etsy; a place where the creative souls of the world can sell their wares and create an online shop for all the bits and pieces that they’ve made. And now that I’ve discovered it, I’m not sure I can turn back…

So far in my life I haven’t sold a single thing that I’ve crafted. This is either because I can’t bear the thought of parting with anything I’ve made or because I’ve given things to people as gifts. Liberty fabricPlus do people really want to buy my handmade goods?

Before I begin to sell anything myself, I thought I’d see what was on Folksy available to buy. It turns out it’s not just DIY items – you can buy fabric and sewing supplies too. I decided to purchase some fat quarters of beautiful Liberty fabric from Very Berry Fabrics, and what a good decision! My parcel arrived this morning and the fabric was lovingly wrapped in brown mainpaper with a handwritten note – I wish ALL post arrived like this.

The material was part of a bundle that Very Berry Fabrics offers where you can choose 6 fat quarters in any Liberty print you like. I picked Kaylie Sunshine, Eloise, Darcie, Fairford, D’ango and Katie & Millie. My plan is to turn them into some sort of patchwork, though they’re so lovely I’m not sure I actually want to cut them up…

Have you ever bought or sold on Folksy? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Also, don’t forget to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with all my crafty goings-on!


8 thoughts on “First-Time Folksy

  1. I have a shop on Folksy and have sold a fair few items through it.
    I have learnt that you can’t expect people to just find you. I naively thought that I would open the shop and the sales auotmatically would come in.
    It is more a place to sell your items that you can direct people to through giving out business cards, Facebook , Twitter or through the blog.
    Since blogging I have had many more visitors leading to more sales. I also pin all my items to Pinterest.
    A chose Folksy over Etsy because I got fed up with ending up in overseas shops when I was looking for supplies.
    I’ll never make any money at it. It just provides me with a little cash to finance my stash.
    Lucie x


    • I think that’s what I’d end up doing – not selling things to make money, just to fund the next project or two…
      I also have the same problem with Etsy! There are some lovely things but they can cost a fortune when you realise they need posting from other worlds!
      Also you have some lovely things in your Folksy shop 🙂 The applique fish cushion is great!


  2. I sell on Folksy and Etsy and have found that Etsy is by far the best place to sell on. Folksy brings a few sales every so often but Etsy is the successful salary paying one for me. I think though it’s because there are way more buyers who use Etsy. I have bought a couple of things through Folksy and was very impressed. I love to buy handmade as you really see the love, care and attention to detail, right through to the packaging.


    • Yeah Etsy does seem to be a lot more populated that Folksy! I loved getting such personal post too – when you order from a company you don’t get handwritten notes like you do when you buy straight from the seller. Thanks for your comment!


  3. Like you I haven’t sold anything yet but I would like to go that way … One day! Am always interested to hear people’s views and experiences of Folksy and Etsy, thanks.


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