Quilted Ironing Board Cover

ironing board coverThis morning there was an emergency. An ironing board shaped emergency. I was happily (ha!) ironing the mound of t-shirts from this week’s wash when the elastic on my existing cover snapped and I was forced to stop. Sob sob. I tried temporarily to hold the broken cover in place with my partner’s guitar-fret-clip-thing that acted as a kind of giant peg, but it wasn’t to be.

So, I headed to Google and did a bit of searching. I found this pattern for a DIY ironing board cover and decided, after a quick trip into town to buy some elastic, to give it a try myself. After all, I have enough spare material to upholster my entire house so finding a piece to fit wouldn’t be a problem!

ironing board coverThe material I used for my ironing board cover is actually a pillow case I got a while back from La Redoute. I simply unpicked the seams to make it one big piece of fabric. I laid it out on the floor, popped the ironing board on top and cut around it with around 3 inches extra all the way round. I hemmed the raw edges, then folded it over again and stitched it in place to form a long channel for the elastic.

I decided to use the heatproof-wadding that the ironing board already had and attached this to the fabric by quilting it on the diagonal. I considered using a brand new piece of wadding but the batting I have isn’t heat resistant and I didn’t want to cause myselfย la redoute fabricgrief in future!

(Can I just point out here that there’s a slight problem when it comes to making your own ironing board cover because, at some point, you’ll need to actually iron your fabric. This is quite difficult when you’ve taken the cover off your ironing board. I don’t suggest trying to iron it on the carpet either – trust me, I tried and there were near-catastrophic results).

To attach the elastic, you pin a safety pin to one end and then carefully thread it through the channel you’ve created. It goes a bit bunched up but don’t worry – once you stretch it out over the ironing board it’ll fit perfectly! What do you think to the end result?


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