Essential Oil Heat Pack

heat packHeadaches. They’re an absolute nightmare, they stop you from wanting to do absolutely anything and I get an absolute load of them. That’s why, this week, I’ve decided to try a new method for doing something about it! All I need is half a bag of rice, some fabric and an essential oil (I used an orange one from the Body Shop). This better work.

The pattern I used for the DIY heat pack is from a great Australian craft blog called Fellow Fellow. It’s very easy to follow and has lots of lovely pictures like the one to the left. (On a side note, I wish my blog was as beautiful as this one – if only WordPress didn’t charge so much money just to change diyheatpackthe colours of your layout!)

To make the heat pack, you sew together two long pieces of fabric (I used a floral print and a cat print), leaving a small gap, and turn it right side out. You then sew on the quilt lines BEFORE loading the bag with essential-oil infused rice. This step is very important, otherwise you’ll end up having to quilt through grains of rice and that’s no fun.

The next step is to get out your plastic funnel (remember me buying one for my lavender mouse? I knew it’d come in handy eventually!) and feed the rice gently into the bag, easing it down past all the quilt lines so that all the sections are filled. Be prepared, this takes a lot of shaking and may give you an achey arm. Finally, sew up the gap and pop it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Hello toasty neck, goodbye headache!

19 thoughts on “Essential Oil Heat Pack

  1. I’ve seen these before in stores but they’re always so expensive and the only scents they have are lavender. This sounds like a much cheaper (and customizable) way to get one 🙂 Hope it helps with the headaches!


    • Thank you, me too! My grandma used to make lots of these (but the smaller, one-compartment size) and sell them – hers were always filled with dried lavender! The Body Shop has all sorts of fragrance oils which are much nicer, cheaper and much less traditional!


    • I have made these in all sizes and shapes since 2006 but I found corn the best filler. Yes smells a little “corny” but oil can be added and it is the safest thing to put in the micro. Flax can ignite (linseed oil), rice seems to go rancid after many uses, cherry pits too expensive and nothing else has had the staying power of corn. My current ones are three years old and still heating fine. Of course can also freeze these for first aid use. Corn must be open-ended and no, it does not pop! Just passing along my experience.


  2. Hi Louise. I just now stumbled on to your post and was wondering how the bag worked for you and your headaches? I also wondered if anyone has ever shared with you about pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and how they effect our body versus the store bought oils? I would love to share with you what I know Anna have experienced. Many Blessings to you.


    • I love making the corn bags!. I bought the corn at a farm feed store.Regular popcorn won’t work. I also make large ones, fold them and after 2 minutes, turn it around. I’m using one right now!

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