A Couple of Awards & My Nominations

liebster-blog-awardI’ve had a fairly busy fortnight just recently and so, consequentially, have had little time to do the sewing projects I’ve had lined up 😦 Currently on my to-do list is the sewing machine cover I want to make and my Great British Sewing Bee tea dress, for which I’m still waiting for the fabric to arrive. I fear that next weekend will be just as busy and so these projects will be postponed even further, but I’ll see what I can do…

team readership awardIn the meantime I just wanted to say a big thank you to both Nirvana’s Pocketful and Montana Designs who have nominated me for blog awards this month! (or last month, it appears to be July already…). The awards require me to nominate 10 and 14 blogs respectively, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and nominate each of the following 14 people for both awards! These craft blogs are some of my favourites that I follow here on WordPress and I suggest you take the time to look at each and every one of them:

1. Pillows-a-la-Mode. 2. Eclectic Threads 3. Mod Flowers 4. Quilting Antics 5. Tata Cousette 6. English Girl at Home 7. Jojo CoconutΒ  8. Carinas Crafts 9. Noblebird 10. Cross Stitch Your Heart 11. Very Berry Handmade 12. Tailor Fairy 13. Montana Designs 14. Nirvana’s Pocketful

I realise that these awards don’t represent much in terms of literary talent, and aren’t something you’ll find adorning my CV, yet they’re still something to celebrate. I mean, don’t all writers strive for their writing to be noticed and shared?


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